4th variation of cool thread idea66

shaii1mon 24d

welcome to my thread post where i shamelessly steal base concepts from grace and psy

post and i will pm you 3 epicmafia related questions, to which you can answer as openly as you’d like.

10 upvotes = reveal, downvotes not included

edit: this was going to be all questions but i made it 3 categoriess

  1. user opinion prompt

  2. game related question

  3. site related question

embrin1mon 22d
can I have a few more? ^-^
shaii1mon 22d
embrin1mon 22d
*lightly boops nose and scurries away*
Mizzmox1mon 22d
hi i'm late but i'm here in case ur still doing this
DkKoba1mon 22d!
1. maxie, filko, lacy. and for pt 2 its maxie

2. wow u really specified that so I can't choose the actualy best.... well I have to say werewolf.

3. Death sounds, if it counts.
maximillian1mon 22d
1. me LOL. i cant think of anybody whod fit the other two... maybe umm snowybee and lechuck?
2. tie between jack the ripper and usurper
3. if people fall under "thing" then tifennie and Survivor12. if it has to be not people, take me to grannys. i barely see it played anymore