Newcomer Mafia Tips Thread15

NeverJest8mon 18d

A thread of helpful rules of thumbs to keep note of for those just starting out.

Feel free to add your helpful tips!

Tip #1: Familiarize yourself with some of the terms used commonly in EpicMafia, such as lylo, ate, ml, or blue. (I believe there's a page full of these terms but I haven't found it yet)

Tip #2: Utilize the Settings tab on the bottom right of the screen. 2a: Enabling helpful boxes such as Timestamps and Voting Log can help you keep track of the game more easily, and can help you look for interactions. 2b: Enabling speech filter can help you isolate and read specific players, which can help facilitate reading.

Tip #3: Remember that the objective of Town is to lynch all the Mafia, while the objective of the Mafia is to gain a majority over Town, and that Mafia and Power Roles start with more information than the rest of the town. Use this as a starting basis for reading for who is Town and who is Mafia.

grosebyJun 19, 2020
There is a setting tab in botom right its super useful you can get times, keep track of votes, n mute music n stuff
jukeJun 19, 2020
one of those settings literally highlights terms like wifom so you can see the definition

also turn on voting log
JM123Jun 19, 2020
check who has the most forced lines (lines that are unlikely to be genuine). that's usually mafia
ElonMostJun 19, 2020
n1 NeverJest if you wanna lose
JM123Jun 19, 2020
also if there's a gun in play scream HELL YEAH if 3 people scream it the shot will hit hooker 100% guaranteed
NeverJestJun 19, 2020
Updated the tips a bit
blacksnakemoanJun 19, 2020
do you think this would be better if it was stickied in welcome to epicmafia?
sachyyJun 19, 2020
self delete before its too late
NeverJestJun 20, 2020
Oh you're totally right could you move this thread to "Welcome to EpicMafia" instead
deletedJun 20, 2020
ooobyJun 21, 2020
if you ever play a setup you haven't played before, on the top toolbar (the same line where you see the role icons) there is a hammer and wrench icon. Clicking this opens up user-written strategies, so you can get a feel for how people normally play that setup. If you are still confused, always ask during pregame (or even during the gameplay) how a setup is normally played. They are all usually unique in some way, so each game will be different, and not following that setup's strategy can really hurt your team at times.
aliveJun 22, 2020
Personally, I think sandbox is a great place to start and make yourself familiar with how different roles works. It allows you to adapt into different setups easily in main. :)
deermanJul 3, 2020
git gud
jeremyluJul 3, 2020
cant take u seriously when ur strategy as maf is to isp and come back as everyone has voted u.
deermanJul 3, 2020
tactical isp