artfight 202026

mac1mon 21d

hi does anyone here participate in art fight? i feel like sandbox is more creative so im putting this here

every year, for the entire month of july, an art "battle" is held on this website. you can sign up for a team and draw other people's ocs to earn points. its great if you like to gift art and get a ton of free art!

if you are planning to participate pls post ur links!

this is something i look forward to every year. i love making things for people, especially those i know.

mssbookIover1mon 13d
hii i signed up this is my link

i am kind of bad at drawing but i thought it would be fun to do !!
catboy1mon 3d
mac1mon 3d
oops i forgot about art completely i have to update my profile eeeeee

ipll put my art here
mac1mon 3d
rigbyyyyyy your art is SOOOOOO cute i love how you draw
mac1mon 3d
i think these r the ones im happiest so far with
icba to be as organized my account is @grimace

mac1mon 3d
if anyone is on team spice.................hi
what do u prefer to draw?