what pokemon type(s) are you54

Flygon22d 12h

since sonrio is a big shitidiot who won't update his thread quick enough for my liking, i will make my own. post and i will give you a typing. i can explain why if you want, but will not unless asked to.

nbtnbt520d 10h
do me
ari20d 10h
i would like this thank u (could u give like a tiny explanation?)
juke20d 5h
why am i steel?
xela19d 13h
yes, also i like the use of the word shitidiot
rex19d 13h
shut up.
Shmeur19d 12h
there's an obvious answer
Clair19d 7h
i would like to know which type(s) i am and also why, because sonrio left me high and dry :(
SHERK19d 7h
plz give me pokemon types. you can explain if you want but it's okay if you don't want to
Congratulations! You are a rock/normal type.
its cus hes a dumb normie isnt it
DkKoba19d 29m
Mystz18d 23h
do me loser
emman0817d 11h
What pokemon type am I??
Clair11d 6h
yeasayer10d 20h
flygon is so useless for abandoning this thread
nbtnbt58d 14h
flygon is so useless for abandoning this thread
typical EM mod behavior