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Welcome to Big Brother: Speed Edition, brought to you by your hosts alexa, alexandra, and Jeff! In this game, 14 houseguests will fight for the grand prize of 120 tokens in addition to a $25 paypal/venmo or gift card of their choosing but more importantly, the glory of a victory! This is a game full of strategy, alliances, trust, deception and betrayal, and of course, twists and turns, so remember to always Expect the Unexpected!

For those of you unfamiliar with the Big Brother game or those who need a refresher, I’ve created a document outlining some important terms for you:

(If you're a houseguest, please review this even if you’re familiar with BB because it includes some information specific to this game).

General Rules:

  1. You will have 24 hours between each action. Should you not vote or submit a non-live competition via the deadline, you will receive a penalty nomination.

  2. This forum will be considered a “public space,” so you’re welcome to chat with your housemates here or in the house chat channel on discord. Alliance chats of 3 or more should be requested via diary and MUST be within the official server "Big Brother - Speed Edition", but they will, of course, be completely locked to anyone outside of alliance members. One-on-one alliances can be made via DM, but please try to keep us posted on these in your diaries. Frequent use of your diary is highly encouraged.

  3. Please do not edit or delete any posts on the forum or on discord.

  4. Votes/competition submissions are considered official when posted in your diary, but please also write these in an official way ie “I vote to evict ____.”

  5. All official announcements will be posted on this forum, and you will additionally be notified via Discord.

Viewing Lounge:

For those of you not in the game who are interested in spectating on discord, please message alexa, Jeff, or alexandra for spectator permissions. Spectators will have access to the house-chat (view only), announcements, and a viewing lounge. Spectators will not have access to diaries or alliance chats until post-game.

Official Cast:

  1. Julia (julia) - Winner!
  2. Waseem (ilario) - second place
  3. Josie (Togepi) - evicted 3rd
  4. Sam (SamP4Palmer) - evicted 4th
  5. Shady (shady) - evicted 5th
  6. Josh (sevenseas) - evicted 6th
  7. Matt (matt) - evicted 7th
  8. Essa (yeasayer) - evicted 8th
  9. Skittlez (Skittlez13) - evicted 9th
  10. Dylan (ManDoneCare) - evicted 10th
  11. Honey (honey) - evicted 11th
  12. Medha (mssbooklover) - evicted 12th
  13. Michael (michael) - evicted 13th
  14. Samantha (samantha) - evicted 14th

The first Head of Household competition will be posted in 24 hours - 8 PM EST on 6/16. You will have 24 hours to submit your results.

The game has officially begun! After you review the rules, you may start making alliances.

Did anyone else forget that they were allowed to post in here
alexa23d 15h
Congratulations Julia, Josie, and Waseem on making the Final 3! You can find the details for the first part of your final Head of Household competition here:

let me know if you have any questions via DR
alexa22d 14h!
Congratulations, Julia, on winning Part 1 of the three part Head of Household competition with a score of 15/25! This means you advance to Part 3.

Josie and Ilario, you both will face off in Part 2. The winner will face Julia in Part 3. The loser will not have a shot at final Head of Household.

Part 2 of this competition is called BEFORE OR AFTER. You will be given a series of 15 questions about the game, and your answer to every question should be either BEFORE or AFTER. You will have 30 seconds max to pick an answer. Whoever scores the most points wins.

Example: Did Sam get evicted BEFORE or AFTER Matt got evicted?
Correct answer would be BEFORE.

You have until 10 PM EST tomorrow (7/22) to compete. When you're ready, ping bbhost via DR. It may be a good idea to review/study up on events that happened this game beforehand!

If there's a tie, whoever is the quickest will win. Good luck!
Voice22d 10h
yep. go julia
alexa21d 16h
(Btw ty to Ilario for pointing this out - my example answer was incorrect. It should've been AFTER)
alexa17d 14h
Congratulations, Ilario, on winning the final Head of Household and securing yourself a spot in the Final 2! You have until 8 PM EST tomorrow night (7/27) to decide who to evict and who to bring with you to the final 2 out of Josie and Julia! Good luck!
alexa16d 1h
Congratulations to the final 2 of Ilario and Julia! Additional information will be posted ASAP - I apologize for the delays!
alexa8d 16h
Votes are locked and the Big Brother Finale will begin at 9 PM EST tonight! Be there, Houseguests and spectators!
alexa8d 15h!
After over a month of drama, strategy, alliances, and sometimes tears, congratulations JULIA on winning BB: SPEED (lolnotrly) EDITION!

Julia, I have sent you 120 tokens and you can request what form of $25 you want from Jeff.

Ilario/Waza, congratulations on second place! I sent you 40 tokens for second :)

Also congratulations to the fan favorite (Shady), the Most Robbed Pre-Juror (honey), and the Player of the Summer (Matt). I have sent you each 20 tokens.

Thank you everyone for playing - it's been an awesome season!
matt8d 5h
Closing thoughts, it was a blast y'all!
alexa8d 2h
yo I want to give a shoutout to everyone and just divulge a lot of my thoughts because I don't think I'll actually have time to put a story together. I will do so later today. thanks matt :)


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