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Greetings, users.

For many years this lobby has been plagued with toxicity and players that bully and harass other users. In the past week, I have been told to get cancer multiple times, I have been called an ape and a subhuman dog due to my race, called the R word, the N word, amongst other wildly hurtful names. This, of course, is not appropriate and should not be happening in this lobby. If you ask the people that bully me why they do it, they do not have a valid answer, it is because it is the social norm to harass me for who I am and it is incredibly saddening.

The users who perpetuate this hate and negativity in this lobby clearly have underlying problems, perhaps some issues at home in which they feel powerless, so they must take it out on kind users like myself and attempt to regain some sense of control in their lives, even if it is only on EpicMafia.

The effects of cyberbullying on ones mental health can be incredibly impactful. We have seen many users who have left this site because of how much unnecessary hate they were receiving. We have also seen many people take their lives due to the cyberbullying that they were victimized by. I will not be one of those people despite many of you begging for me to kill myself, to self-delete, to quit this website.

While the moderation team in this lobby may stand by and allow it all to happen and even perpetuate it themselves, I am taking a stand against bullying and dedicating my time on this website to fighting against this wretched act.

The Holy Church of Jamal has been about promoting positivity and inclusivity for years, but this is not enough anymore. We need to be standing together to actively be anti-bullying and calling out users who are making comments that are not in accordance with the values of our lobby. We need to be filing reports against these people and allowing their sanctions to be a learning experience for them, letting them know that words can hurt and they need to be conscious of that.

Will you partake of that last offered cup?

Believe in the power of positivity, believe in uniting this community together, and join the Holy Church of Jamal to fight the injustices occurring in this lobby: https://epicmafia.com/topic/84480

JamalMarleyJun 30, 2020
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jamal ill be honest here. i sincerely want to hit you with a witty insult for that statement, but im honestly speechless by your lack of anything resembling a functioning brain or heart, so ill keep it simple.

you are a disgusting, sad little man for trying to exploit this incredibly serious situation for your own benefit. drop the stupid veneer for two seconds and actually think before you f*cking speak like this. shame on you.
What situation do you speak of?

This is precisely the type of bullying and toxicity that I seek to eradicate. You are so awful for being so rude for no reason.
JamalMarleyJun 30, 2020
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oops my finger slipped
I expected nothing less from you than to abuse your moderation powers. It is pathetic yet I understand you need to use EpicMafia to grasp onto the little amount of power in your life.
JamalMarleyJun 30, 2020
Show hidden postFor those of you who did not get the opportunity to fix your gaze upon my wonderful comment, I stated that perhaps now you will all understand that this bullying and negativity cannot be tolerated.

Celebrity YouTuber Shane Dawson has been exposed for much of his bullying and racism, much as many of you will be. The platform of YouTube has began to take away privileges from user Shane Dawson and I am working closely with user Lucid to do the same to the evildoers in this community.
JamalMarleyJun 30, 2020
Show hidden postLook at this awful user hima negging me, everyone. She knows her days of bullying are coming to an end!

It is so awful.

User hima, if you do not believe me simply feast your eyes on this article: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/29/style/shane-dawson-jeffree-star-youtube.html
himaJul 18, 2020

in memoriam
DoobyJul 18, 2020!
god speed you creepy f/uck
GarouJul 18, 2020
eat sh*t you creep. stop harassing women and stop clout-chasing peoples' suicides.
spaceJul 18, 2020
i'm so glad that epicmafia had the church of jamal marley and all of its upstanding members to rely on to combat sexual harassment from certain users
HuskyJiminieJul 20, 2020
Please never come back 💕


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