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Recidivism1mon 26d

Rose and I are officially married

Clair1mon 25d
waiting for the follow up post
Pics or it didn't happen.
Togepi1mon 24d!
Don't play EM together and congrats!!
Recidivism1mon 24d
We dont really play EM anyway.
Clair1mon 24d
sonseray blink twice if this is a cry for help
sevenseas1mon 24d
Recidivism1mon 22d
hey this is rose posting from sonses account and i wanna say yes we are married and very much in love. we have a kitten. i'm very lucky and blessed. i think words are a waste of time, so sitting here and typing a large paragraph won't come close to how much i truly am happy and love this man, but let's just say life has shined a light on me and i intend to see it through for the rest of my life. i think people who go on here are looking for fulfillment and i do not come here anymore because i'm happy.
ivana1mon 22d
oh my God congrats guys!!!!! Rose I love you BUNCHES