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Demon's Souls

staypositivefriendJun 11, 2020
looking forward to buying this in 2-3 years when it's cheaper
staypositivefriendJun 11, 2020
also the new horizon game looks sick
FlygonJun 11, 2020
can't wait to camp 3-3 and old monk troll
deletedJun 12, 2020
PS5 lets get it!
DaddyJohnWickJun 12, 2020
cant wait to wait 4 years to buy it and by the time i get it everyone on every game will be way better than me, and i will then lose confidence because i am not good at the games straight away so i will trap myself mentally in a state where i think it's impossible to get good at the games i play so i just give up and only play single player games and watch netflix. Hey, just like ps4!
Demon's Souls