i need help finding an actor11

that looks like one of the 2 pics:

im tryna think up who id cast for the movie based off a book ill never write and i got the perfect cast for this guy:

which is tom hiddleston.

but im looking for someone to play gwidon who is a tyrant ruler so gotta give of idk charismatic vibes or something.

must look roughly 35.


caitelatte1mon 28d
have you considered: michael sheen or david tennant?
LeEpicH1mon 28d!
try ben of d*ck c*m batch
space1mon 28d
am i the only one who can't see any pix
Shwartz991mon 28d
these are the pics:

tigermom1mon 28d!
girl don't do face claims just write the book
this isnt for the book just so i can visualise in my head who id cast xd
coolkidrox1231mon 25d
Hi guys ive found the actor that fits

Joe Manganiello

nauta1mon 22d
the answer is always dev patel
the answer is always dev patel
he looks the part but his vibe isnt what im looking for!

I want someone who like looks confident and powerful but has a softer side /glint in their eyes
space1mon 16d!

confident and powerful

soft glint in the eye

the answer is always dev patel
GyroGearloose1mon 16d
just get bebop lol


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