ManDontCare3mon 21d

It's very simple. The higher, the better. The lower, the worse. This isn't really related to mafia, this is based off anything you've expressed in public or in private. I'll try to keep this based on the present, or at least close enough to it. Any and everyone listed can be given an explanation on why they're in the position they are.

Shut up and Listen: Myself

Quite Intelligent: Essa, Orly, SHERK, Arcbell, Staypositivefriend, Zovea, Tutu, Bansheewhat, Linke

Somewhat Intelligent: MisterPresident, Flygon, Togepi, Asumi, Kidneybeans, Debaser,

Not Intelligent: Aquarius, Sonrio

FlygonJun 13, 2020
I can confirm Flygon's placement; dude stretched out the game an extra day
you realize that KLing him won the game, right
blacksnakemoanJun 13, 2020
i pretend i do not see the amount of people posting “for a ranking” when it’s been made explicitly clear that this is 1. not a ranking list and 2. not by request 😐
i'm assuming he stated it in the comments, but i didn't read those because i'm unintelligent and i can't read
DaddyJohnWickJun 13, 2020
Most intelligent is Arcbell bc he knew when to quit this sh*t show
barlcroJun 13, 2020
rofl just take an IQ test
PotatoPlayzJun 13, 2020
rate me
ManDontCareJul 26, 2020
Adding blacksnakemoan to last tier. While an individualistic thinker, which is pretty huge, the guy is just plain stupid
ManDontCareJul 26, 2020
There aren’t even any redeeming qualities, it doesn’t help that he’s like 30 something years old either
bansheewhatJul 26, 2020
i miss asumi even though she banned me from her forum games
jackhammerJul 26, 2020
intelligence is for weenies


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