Intelligence Tierlist21

Linke5mon 17d

As the undisputed most intelligent EM user, I have made a tier list regarding how many neurons you are likely to have bouncing around inside your skull.

Intelligent: Arcbell, VanityPrime, ManDontCare, D3xTr0m3th0rph4n.

Untelligent: blacksnakemoan, Heck (I guess).

Intelligen't: Literally everyone else.

Not telligent: Jeff, probably Lucid.

Pretty sure I didn't miss anyone but yeah, post if you think you deserve representation. Make sure to ignore the comments of anyone not in eiter Intelligent or Untilligent tiers. Not only will their writing lack coherence, you will actively lose brain cells trying to decipher their rhetoric.

SteelixMega3d 22h
There are plenty of good players who are absolute morons.
but my gameplay is something else entirely