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howdy. my name is slow. i am bored and feel like playing pokemon games in an arbitrarily difficult way. i will post in this when i have anything to share from these experiences.

Flygon9d 1h!
guess who got their semi-regular bout of insomnia and finished grinding for the E4 as a result? this guy. things to note:

- grinding was massively easier than it was in FR. i had the one pokemon i wanted to grind out in front, then the five zigzagoons/furrets i had caught up to this point in the back for pickup spawns. as a result, i got like a shitload of rare candies and basically everything got handled for me in terms of healing.

i bought none of those last three items.

- in terms of utility, i would rank the team as Zog > Joy > Rapture > Flygon > Paprika > Reykjavik. the first three will likely do the lion's share if not all of the heavy lifting in the E4 and the latter three are just there to look pretty and save me if things go south. hell, i'm nearly positive i could sweep the entire E4 with just Zog at this point, but i guess we'll see. i actively had to stop myself from overgrinding because i wanted to keep things relatively threatening. it really would've been incredibly easy to hit like, 60 with everyone considering that the hairyamas are very nonthreatening and give out a lot of experience + me having a surplus of rare candies. i stopped at 55 because that feels like a decently fair level, if anyone dies it'll be on me.

- but yeah i think that basically covers everythin--

man. it's such a shame this thing used whirlwind on me immediately and i couldn't catch it.
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jk lol

Flygon9d 6m
it's extremely tempting to just type "what do you think happened?" as the summary for these E4 fights, but i'll give it an honest try anyway.

- sydney was a nonthreat because all his pokemon are just completely and utterly incapable of even approaching threatening territory for me, but i will note that his mightyena had the dubious honor of robbing me of a swords dance sweep with Zog because it used roar after using sand attack twice like the coward that it is. roar brought out Reykjavik, which paralyzed with secret power then killed on the second hit. after that, he sent out sharpedo, which has neutered special attack, so i switched in Zog, who took the surf on the chin, and proceeded to sweep the rest of his team without any setup.

- phoebe, much like sydney, was mildly annoying because i tried (again) to setup a swords dance sweep with Zog. both her dusclops had confuse ray because of course, what else is a dusclops going to have? either way, after some finaggling, i got my swords dances up, and shadow ball'd them to death. remember how i said i could sweep the entirety of the E4 with Zog by himself? i wasn't wrong.
Flygon9d 6m
- glacia has approximately zero answers for Joy just using thunderbolt, but she still bothered to use light screen as her first attack with her glalie. me, being the evil genius that i am, stalled out her light screen so i could proceed to sweep the rest of her team with Joy, and then did so. her walrein could've been scary if it had either more special attack or got a crit, but surf was failing to OHKO, and her sealeo that came before it were nonentities in the fight. i switched into Reykjavik for the last glalie just for the hell of it, and it went down to a single ancientpower. go team.

- drake got swept by Rapture after he let me get three barriers up. did you know that even after one speed level drop from rock tomb, Rapture was still faster than every other pokemon he sent out? i was mildly amused by this fact.
Flygon9d 5m
- steven. good ol' steven. probably one of the best champion teams next to like, cynthia. led with Flygon, skarmory did nothing against it, and then came claydol. i could've SWORN this thing had ice beam, so i played a bit of switch tag to avoid losing someone, but after realizing it had all the raw aggressive presence of wet tissue paper, i switched back in Flygon, got the intimidate, tanked its ancientpower, and took it to pound town. then came cradily, aka the best grass pokemon in the series, and things got mildly annoying. i tried to send in Paprika to get the job done because, by this point, she had literally seen 0 action, but his cradily had sludge bomb (which i knew) and Paprika both did not tank it as well as i had hoped she would + wasn't 2HKOing with mach punch (do not ever expect me to use sky uppercut or dynamicpunch over mach punch). i got impatient at this point and just switched in Zog, did swords dance a bunch, and swept the rest of his team. was this a very anticlimactic E4 run? yes, extremely. did this demonstrate the incredibly dominant power of Zog? also yes.
Flygon9d 5m!
- here is the part where i talk about how this nuzlocke went. the first run was kind of a disaster and while i could've easily finished it as a borderline solo run between Edelweiss and Busty, that wouldn't have been any fun for me and ruins the appeal of nuzlockes (using a team of full team of pokemon that you use based on dice rolls). the second run, outside of the disaster that is mt. chimney through norman, was pretty smooth sailing and i really only suffered a major casualty in the form of Beaky. i feel somewhat lame in that 1/3 of my team was last minute additions (Rapture and Flygon), with one of which soloing an entire E4 member, but there's really no getting around that. i'm basically happy with how this run turned out, and it had more intrigue and on-the-fly teambuilding than the FR nuzlocke had while still being a success, so my goal of having something more interesting has been achieved.


next up, we'll be visiting a shithole by the name of sinnoh. i'll see you then.
alexa9d 4m
i thought you told me you'd never played a pokemon game before!
Flygon8d 23h
i thought you told me you'd never played a pokemon game before!
no i just haven't played SWSH because i don't own a switch because nintendo is chaotic evil now

i never lie except for when i do sometimes
Flygon7d 15h
- encounters: starly (route 201), starly (lake verity), shinx (route 202), budew (route 204), geodude (ravaged path), bidoof (route 203), geodude (oreburgh gate), geodude (oreburgh mine), geodude (route 205) (i think this was my encounter? i don't remember why i didn't catch anything from this route but i definitely encountered something, so i assume it died), shellos (valley windworks), wurmple (eterna forest), meditite (route 211), machop (mt. coronet)

- hello and welcome to pokemon diamond, aka the bad games in the series (this is not bait nor am i trying to start an argument, simply my onion). i will be choosing chimchar for this run because i never use it and i think its final evolution looks fuckugly. some of you may protest that chimchar is the best starter and makes the game easiest as a result. fair argument, but these runs were always about picking the starter i use the least rather than picking the "hardest" starter. i only went w/the hard one in hoenn because i've used all of them a fairly equal amount of times. either way, that's where we're at.

- the first thing you should notice with this run is that we are very spoiled for choice here. even before we hit the first gym, we're given a wide swath of pokemon we can encounter, most of which are usable. compare this to hoenn, which had few pre-gym 1 pokemon (ralts, wingull, taillow, shroomish) that we wanted to encounter, most of which were rare encounters at that. for nuzlockeing purposes, sinnoh is a breath of fresh air.
Flygon7d 15h
- if anything, i ran into the problem of wanting to use too much in earlygame. by the time i fought roark i was using five pokemon (budew, geodude, shinx, starly, monferno). fortunately, roark heard my mild noncomplaint and decided to kill budew via cranidos headbutt. i probably shouldn't have stayed in against something with as much attack as cranidos, but i also wanted to gamble a bit and see if his AI would mess around while i mega drain'd it. oh well. i was semi-grateful at the time because i didn't want to deal with a day time friendship evolution and it was night when i did the fight, but now that it's the next day, i am mourning it slightly. oh well. life comes at you fast.

- next death is 100% on me. i was mindlessly attacking w/shinx against a kricketot that was using bide. i was distracted bc i was watching [user who will not be named]'s stream and conversing w/them and whoops! kricketot lived with like 1 HP and retaliated with bide, killing shinx. this one i am legitimately grateful for because luxray is awful in gen 4 and honestly just in general, so this really wasn't that big of a loss. if anything, it was probably convenient because it gave me an excuse to get rid of an anchor from my team.
Flygon7d 15h
- debated using shellos, and while maybe i should've, i honestly just didn't feel like it. water pulse is extremely good for earlygame, but i don't see myself using a gastrodon long-term and i dunno, i just wasn't really interested in the concept of training it to nearly double its level just to make it usable. the upside is that my very next encounter after it was buizel, who is probably objectively worse than shellos, but much more usable, if that makes any sense.

- gardenia went fine, she was never going to be an issue when i have both a monferno and a staravia. no, the fight that owned me was jupiter. not even the skuntank, no the skuntank was easy. question for you guys: did you know that jupiter's zubat has giga drain? i led w/geodude and was blissfully unaware of this fact. so, of course, first thing it uses is giga drain. "whoa! this thing has actual moveset coverage? wild. well at least zubat's special attack is garbage, so it won't do anything" i think to myself. then zubat gets a crit and kills geodude. cue me shrieklaughing. i've never had something so funny happen in these runs so far, and it's like... i should probably be bothered, because geodude was doing work for me, but it's also just way too perfectly comedic for me to be upset. of course zubat would know the perfect move to kill something that otherwise trounces it, and of course it would get the crit that it probably needed to kill. it's just too perfect lmfao.

- if i'm being honest, i haven't replayed sinnoh in forever, so i'm not as sure what i should be hoping to roll in future routes or what i should be beelining to. my main goal is to just keep my starter alive at this point, which is something i'm not 100% convinced is possible for me. either way, there are a handful of good gift pokemon that i should be able to make viable, so let's hope for smooth sailing.


Flygon6d 15h
quick correction:

geodude (route 205) (i think this was my encounter? i don't remember why i didn't catch anything from this route but i definitely encountered something, so i assume it died)
was actually referring to route 207 here, mixed up the numbers because i am a virgin who hates math and never has sex

- encounters: ponyta (route 206), psyduck (route 208), mime jr. (route 209). taking this opportunity now to say that lost tower should absolutely count as its own separate area to catch things, but due to the fact that anything caught there is not listed as from "lost tower" but instead as just from "route 209", i'm not rolling there. it's pedantic and stupid, but having unique caught locations is what i've used up to this point, and it's what i'll continue to use.
Flygon6d 15h
- i honestly made barely any progress, yet here i am, typing words. the biggest obstacle i overcame was wayward cave, and hoo boy, i despise wayward cave. it's just super uninteresting, goes on for what feels like an eternity, and rescuing mira doesn't give you any immediate reward. it's just a complete pain. i did repel all throughout the cave so i can roll for gible when i get strength. that's about all i have to say about that.

- you know what also sucks? the gen 4 rival. i hate him dearly because if you deleted him from the plot, nothing of value would be lost, and the game would become slightly less abrasive. i'm going to be transparent and say that i also just dislike him for killing Cucumber. two metal claw attack up procs and i roll low on swift, leaving him alive to kill with peck. just complete horseshit lmao. oh well.

- after losing Cucumber, i decided to start using shellos. the problem here is that shellos is level 8 when my other pokemon are around level 25 now. so off to the grinding races we go. thankfully there's two hikers, one of which has an onix and the other has two geodudes, who are both very easy to grind against. thank you vs. seeker, you have truly enriched my life.
Flygon6d 15h
- let's now talk about mime jr. you know what's awesome about mime jr.? the fact that it evolves so early into mr. mime, who is probably underrated by a lot of people who play pokemon. you know what REALLY [has sex] out loud about mime jr.? it will never know confusion when you catch it because it always comes at level 16, a point in its level up movepool where it has learned four virtually useless by comparison moves that erase confusion. the even better part is that mime jr. isn't learning another psychic move until level 25, 9 levels after i've caught it. all i can do is slap this thing with an experience share and treat it like the psychic magikarp it is.

- last thing to note is that i was wrong in my earlier update for saying we get multiple gift pokemon. turns out you only get the gift eevee before postgame in platinum. you still get a gift eevee, but only after you've completed the sinnoh dex, so it may as well not exist for me. it's a shame too, i wanted to try out leafeon. life is nasty, brutish, and short.
Flygon6d 7h
Peaches and Cassandra died. guess who's restarting their run? rofl.