Never Have I Ever (NHIE)457

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Joshua is the winner.

TranscendJul 5, 2020
Round 8 begins
TranscendJul 5, 2020
Adrian his question is on the previous page.
Adrianini11Jul 5, 2020
you mean like a complete one or catching a glimpse while scrolling thru the tv
deletedJul 5, 2020!
I mean a reasonable portion of the match. Like ~10 mins or more. Flicking through channels doesn't count.
Adrianini11Jul 5, 2020
NHIE had an air conditioner on my house
Adrianini11Jul 8, 2020
bump i guess
mattJul 9, 2020
Round 9 begins! (can one of you please just die already lol)
Adrianini11Jul 9, 2020
Show hidden postNHIE met anyone with a last name that came before mine alphabetically
mattJul 10, 2020
At this rate, my NHIE that I started well after this one is gonna end before this one lol.
mattJul 11, 2020
Implementing a 48 hour timer for you to do a NHIE underdog53.
Adrianini11Jul 12, 2020
bump for finish this already ._.
deletedJul 12, 2020
NHIE became fluent in a second language
Adrianini11Jul 13, 2020
TranscendJul 13, 2020

I'll launch a sticker your way. Thanks to everyone that made this a success!
TranscendJul 13, 2020
I think adrian would've won if not for so many American questions. But it's not about what it wasn't, it's about what it was!
debaserJul 13, 2020
this game was a month and 3 days long
TranscendJul 13, 2020
The final 2 lasted 11 days lol


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is this gonna flop like every other nhie