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I'm bored; I'm making a tier-list of setups. Let's start.

Tier-0: Setups that contains one Mafia

Best archetypal setup: Mafs Riding Solo

Reason: It's literally Classic that is made to classify as Tier-0. However, it has a feature that is considered intermediate - multi-setup. Noavi's might want to go try setups one step backwards: Tier-1's.

Other Tier-0 setups archetypes:

Danger Zone - Blacklisted but I think it's a Tier-0 JFK Assassination 3 and deserve to be played

dethy - not blacklisted; a little mech-based setup that is also scumhunt. Meme but not pointfarm.

Tier-1: Setups that contains two Mafia

Best archetypal setup: Classic Mafia

Reason: It has a Cop+Doc combo. The main principle here is that the clock is racing against Mafia because the Cop is slowly putting the pieces together, hence they have to kill every night to try to end the game as much as possible so that Cop can get less reports.

EMMD is also classified under "Classic" archetype.

Other Tier-1A setup archetypes:

Guns & Hookers - It has a Hooker and gun/s. I don't think I need to explain this one.

Coco's Epic Setup - For the purposes of discussions, this setup has two outcomes - town win or town doesn't. I think this setup is weird in it's own way but fun when you know how to play it. Killer is the high risk high reward scum.

Basic Variant - It introduces Godfather, which nerfs Cop's reports. Also Nilla HAVE TO NOT cc the Cop.

Cry n...oh - Scumhunt with uncc-eable PR's. Other setups include: Cry and Spy (no shit Cry n...oh came from that),STBS and JMTD

VDLI - Scumhunt that is a little mech-based. Other setups include: SDLI, and Rutab Cowman 2 (personally the one that I enjoy the most, idk why; maybe because I have a twisted sense of uniqueness...)

Tier-2: Setups that contains three Mafia

Best archetypal setup: Janitorial 2.0

Reason: It introduces the role Janitor, which leaves more wiggle room for role claiming. It also has, again, Cop+Doctor, and that the time is racing against Mafia because the Cop is gonna put the pieces together if they don't finish off their job as fast as possible.

CBA could also fall under this category.

Other Tier-2 setups archetypes:

TSIB - 3 Mafias vs 6 Town that is day start. The reason it is Day start is because there's a role that is supposed to claim and get an item that night (shit wording but you get the essence). Other setups include: A&D, A&R, and Shoot Pranay (this one has Stalker and it sort of strays away from the previous three setups but it is Day start and TSIB enough to be included under this archetype)

SDS - Disguiser and multiple PRs. Trust each other, DDP, and PAU might also be included under this archetype.

GaI - setups with no direct protective roles for Cop that is moderately in between scumhunt and mech-based. KWTH also belongs to this category.

I'll continue this if I have time.

Tier 0


Kinda of like Fisher prince, fairly balanced by win ratios.