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Alyssa2mon 7d

hi I'm making yet another personal thread about games woo

I like logging my thoughts on games to look back later to reflect upon my experience. sometimes I change my mind on things, other times I'm reminded the fun I had in games

legit just a random topic on random things I'm doing

AlyssaJun 6, 2020
itch.io is running a bundle for racial justice.


Gonna be trying out some of the games here(hopefully) throughout the week. I'm a wishful thinker.
AlyssaJun 6, 2020
Me and Marty have been playing Terraria's final update together. It's been slow bc of timezones and me working constantly, but what time we do play together is fun

I especially like the pylons, they're one of the best well-needed additions to the game. And it's been encouraging me to make houses in each biome and theme it(I considered it before but walking that far out to talk to a NPC was a pain), but now that the game encourages it I can make a bunch of themed bases!

Didn't spend too long on this one but here's a cute jungle base
PlantJun 6, 2020
So, I'm quite a huge fan of Nuclear Throne. I've been playing dailies/weeklies every day since 2016(with a few here and there missed). It's become a daily routine that I honestly have a lot of fun doing.

My goal for a long time was to reach the top 100, then top 50, then top 25. Now my eyes are on the top 10, where I am ranked #11 in the world. Daily challenges are just simple, randomly generated run where you see how far you can get(score is based on kill count). It's been a long journey but I finally am within range of getting ahead of 10th place, this summer if I preform well enough
PlantJun 6, 2020
There are 14 playable characters in NT but the one I play the most as is Plant. Each character has a unique active/passive which makes them stand out from other characters. Plants passive is that it can walk faster(not amazing), and a snare that can entrap enemies making them walk very slow, or not at all(very amazing).

Nuclear Throne has a system where you can loop in the game past the final boss, restarting from area 1 with more beefy enemies. The devs only intended people to get to Loop 2 of the game. When someone got to L3 they made an enemy coded in to be a "hardwall" to stop people from progressing any further - it ended up being the key to make people push the limits of the game ironically enough.

Currently the latest World Record is Loop 20, marked by distance. The Plant World Record is Loop 15 still, which I hope to beat. My personal best is Loop 11, although single runs like these can take up to 8-10 hours depending on breaks and how much your game may lag.
PlantJun 6, 2020
Here's a snippet of Plant

Here's my simple sprite edit. The above image is sort of a sonic reference(you unlock the skin by beating the final boss in a very fast amount of time, and plant can walk faster then other characters so it's a gotta go fast meme).

The text "snare enemies" I changed to "snuggle enemies". I sorta made it a joke in the community that Plant likes to snuggle enemies with its snare rather than killing them in a blood frenzy.
PlantJun 6, 2020
(Sorta hard to see sprite edits with the black and white filter currently whoops)
PlantJun 6, 2020
Daily for June 7th, 2020

I used a weapon that hurts me if I don't hit any enemies when I swing it. It ended up claiming the final hit point I had.
PlantJun 6, 2020
My daily average is around 1,300 a day, but my best was 49,000 kills in a single day with my loop 11. enemies spawn exponentially the deeper you go.

So generally I want days to be at least >2K kills, so today having 719 isn't the best. But it's an awful set today so not much can be done
aquariusJun 7, 2020
itch.io is running a bundle for racial justice.


Gonna be trying out some of the games here(hopefully) throughout the week. I'm a wishful thinker.
I just bought this For myself and gifted it to my brother too

You cans also choose to pay more than $5, I paid $10 each purchase as it's a donation. They already raised like $1.5mil that's fuckinf crazy bro
jacobkrinJun 7, 2020
if you enjoy vanilla terraria you should also try out modded terraria with tmodloader
PlantJun 8, 2020
June 8th

I got bopped on the head.
PlantJun 11, 2020
June 11th

don't think I'm gonna upload a screenshot every day, but on half-decent or good days I will!

I got sandwiched.
Plant1mon 29d
June 15th

Played as funky little robot, my original main when picking up the game. They sort of suck late-game but I still made the best of the run
Plant1mon 29d
Here's my bests for reference:
Plant: L11 1-1
Crystal: L10 3-3
Horror: L7 1-3
Robot: L5 3-2
Rebel: L5 1-3
Frog: L5 1-1
Eyes: L4 0-1
Chicken: L3 6-1
Y.V.: L3 3-3
Fish: L2 7-3
Rogue: L2 5-3
Steroids: L2 3-1
Melting: L1 5-1
Skeleton: L1 5-1

Loop 1 and 2 are insanely hard, but then L3 becomes easy and becomes an endurance test. Things start to scale back up starting in Loop 6 to dangerous levels, so I'd count anything above L3 as impressive, and anything above L6 as my ultimate goal(I see it as mastering the character).

(Also anyone below L6 I can confidently raise their PB with if I just put in the time and effort, but I only enjoy playing Plant)
3eveeLuv1mon 25d
question whats nuclear throne
Alyssa1mon 22d

It's a top-down run n' gun roguelike(randomly generated levels, permadeath) that's honestly my favorite game. I've already sunk 1,300+ hours into the game and have been doing the dailies since I got the game back in 2016, there's a great sense of progression and improvement after much, MUCH dying and learning the game mechanics. You can really push the limitations of the game for runs that can go on for hours(longest anyones gone is well over 12 hours on a single run), though most runs are 5-20 minutes depending on skill level, game means a lot to me with just how fun and fast-paced the game is.
Alyssa1mon 22d
Also versus other roguelikes you have 14 different classes, all of which stand out a lot from each other(and unlike many other roguelikes, the good majority are high up in meta and are viable in their own ways). This game has amazing polish and I highly recommend it to anyone who's looking for a challenge(don't wait for a sale tho - vlambeer is notorious for never putting their games on sale.)
Alyssa1mon 22d
Updated Plant again

This time it's sprites are based on Plantera from terraria. Big fan of how it turned out in NT :)


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