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Alyssa7mon 17d

hi I'm making yet another personal thread about games woo

I like logging my thoughts on games to look back later to reflect upon my experience. sometimes I change my mind on things, other times I'm reminded the fun I had in games

legit just a random topic on random things I'm doing

AlyssaOct 6, 2020
AlyssaOct 6, 2020
Watch me eat dirt in an epic fail compilation
AlyssaOct 8, 2020
I beat the heart in spire!!

AlyssaOct 8, 2020
I ignored spire despite being recommended strongly as a roguelike for quite a while, but when I finally got around to trying it I loved it instantly. It's very frustrating but I finally got that golden run that got me to the end. I'll probably hang my hat here for a while, and then finally start ascension later.


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