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tigermom3mon 18d

We were discussing in-game how the act of town spontaneously voting no one is not as automatic and obvious as it can be. That is, if you recreated EM, or (since this mostly applies to 12p games) Sandbox, with a completely new set of players they would not immediately nolynch the way we do. I also think the way we do it - the time of the first nl, the number of nls after which we can observe a train of nls, etc. - is specific and not that different from game to game, but I haven't looked into it well enough to provide some actual proof.

Unlike main games where you're at least supposed to be actively present, if not engage in psychology and poker-kin manipulation, sandbox requires zero mental effort from its players, which made me think: what if I had spent the quarter+ of my life I'd spent on this website playing main games? What if I actually made an effort and involved myself in the mind games of main lobby? How did it affect me, this lack of development in that area, not only in my technique but in real life? Am I less capable to orchestrate social interactions than if I'd put in the time to practice?

This doesn't only apply to games either. Did Sandbox change the course of my life? Every time I reposted the Golbolco 'oh no I saw a spider' meme, did it reinforce some neural link in my brain, whether it stood for my humor or strengthening an annoying personality or something else?

When you reply to a thread with 'no', does that make you more deadpan or does it slowly accumulate towards atrophying your brain due to your refusal to stimulate it?

I'm extremely interested in discussing the invisible language and behaviour patterns we've learnt to use here, but, perhaps more importantly, the way being here, on this website, subconsciously changed you, whether negatively or positively. I'm excited to hear what you all have to say.

nepentheJun 6, 2020
it makes you stupider

i have about 3 braincells left
IceBearJun 6, 2020
Here is my own anecdotal meta take of the NL vote behavior. This may or may be complete bs but this is how I play mafia.

There are 4 sets of people who vote NL.

The first "immediate" NL are people who want to quickly go to night time so they use their power and don't want people to get read. These are generally "strong" power roles like Chef, Party Host, Detective, ... People in this set are generally town role.

The second "i'll sheep the NL" are people who don't want to draw attention to themselves so they act with town. People in this set are generally mafia.

The third "I want an actual lynch/day participation but everyone is voting so nl so whatever." This set are generally town who receive an item or useful report that they want to use for something. But since everyone is nl, they might as well go with it. New players would also fall in this group generally because they don't know what they're doing so they'll just follow everyone vote. Sometimes you get the people who in group 1 want to wait out the vote to get more read so they might also be in group 3.

The fourth "oh I'm in a mafia game" nl. People in this set generally are afk and just vote nl so the day end. Everyone hates the people in this group.
IceBearJun 6, 2020
What if I actually made an effort and involved myself in the mind games of main lobby? ... or real life whatever
This is irrelevant because sandbox has its own meta so if you really care you would learn about the sandbox meta rather than asking what if you use main lobby meta to sandbox. Also none of the mafia behavior can be translated to real life because everyone is just role playing on this site.

One thing to note is that Mafia is not a game about deduction. Most people will think that a town is supposed to use all the clue/information given to find out who is the mafia. But that's not the game. The problem is that you cannot verify what everyone is saying. And if you stay quiet due to the lack of power or info, people will turn against you. You're forced to "participate" even superficially to be "town read" by others. Further, because you are not punished for lying, this creates an incentive to lie so you can participate. Because of the foregoing premises, Mafia is a game of deception.

Most players in sandbox don't go out of their way to "play" or in another word to lie because they don't really care about winning. If you want to study behavior, then it really is just meta information.

If I get blinded or fiddled 3 times in a row, gives me a group of people and I will tell you out of those people who would use these powers on me.
joqizaJun 11, 2020
I think that skills people practice in games are usually less transferable than people think. I.e. getting better at chess doesn't make you smarter, just makes you better at chess. I'm sure there is ~something~ to gain from practicing main lobby esque mind games, but I wouldn't worry too much about missing out. Probably there are some baseline thinking skills you can develop and then everything after that is just honing your abilities within the specific context of mafia.
tigermomJun 11, 2020
it makes you stupider

i have about 3 braincells left
asdkasdhjkasd me
tigermomJun 11, 2020
I'm pretty sure group 4 makes up far more people than the other groups combined haha
tigermomJun 11, 2020!

idk, I think if you play mafia - and especially in real life - it CAN help you practice lying and noticing when people lie.

Obviously it's not like I actually regret spending my time here or anything I've just been thinking about time investment and the way it always compounds towards a specific outcome lol
joqizaJun 11, 2020
Maybe I'm just being overly cynical, and I don't really have any evidence to back up my claim wrt mafia.

I'm mostly just thinking about it in the context of chess (which I play) or apps like Lumosity. afaik the few studies that are out there find there's no evidence that these games change the way you think. I'm sure it hasn't been tested rigorously tho.