Split or steal166

Spooky2mon 9d


2 players ( I will pair up )

Jackpot: 2 stickers

You can either split or steal ( just like the IRL version )

If both contestants choose to split, the jackpot of 2 stickers is split equally between them ( 1 each ).

If one contestant chooses to split and the other chooses to steal, the stealer gets the full jackpot of 2 stickers and the splitter gets nothing.

If both contestants choose to steal, they both get nothing.

( do not talk outside of this thread regarding this game to guarantee a vote you want )

Each player can talk in this thread to try and persuade the other.

You will choose your decision by messaging me if you " split " or " steal ", whatever you say in this thread does not count as the vote.

When both players casted their vote I will reveal the result and give the reward to the winner(s).

BlaveJun 6, 2020!
mattJun 6, 2020
Dang i was gonna split
SpookyJun 6, 2020
All rewards have been given, thank you for playing!

Dammit I didn't expect so much people to split LOL
mattJun 6, 2020
Steal is the optimal move unless you use psychology on your foe
ShootinstarxJun 6, 2020
@Shootinstarx steal from me - i already have enough stickers
splitting is the best choice!!
SinBJun 6, 2020
honestly if you were any other person, i would have stole from them. i felt bad that you had zero stickers..


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Split or steal?