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quasimodo4mon 20d

i graduated and people always send gifts and money since they dont want to go to a graduation and i didnt get one and thats fine theyre boring

but just imagine a little crab walking across a stage in a cap and gown and a few cool sashes because i had good grades. haha that is so funny.

i pinch the hand i shake and i nearly rip my rolled up piece of paper in half, and sideways walk down the other side of the stage.

send gifts in the form of pictures of crabs (the crustacean) and avatar the last airbender memes. thank you for your support.

quasimodoJun 4, 2020
IceBearJun 4, 2020
Graduated from what?
quasimodoJun 4, 2020
Graduated from what?
clown school i guess
IceBearJun 4, 2020

idk im bad at meme
quasimodoJun 4, 2020
i posted this on lobby wall but the users be fightin. i need it immortalized. this is my favorite avatar meme.
quasimodoJun 5, 2020
thinking about aang greeting everyone with "hotman". he is so powerful.
kinoJun 5, 2020
( / @ @ ()
\ __| |__ /
-/ " \-
/-| |-\
/ /-\ /-\ \
/ /-`---'-\ \
/ \
kinoJun 5, 2020
oh no
quasimodoJun 5, 2020
i can see it was an attempted crab. long ago, the epicmafia nations live in harmony and let you just post ascii art in peace. then everything changed when the lucio brain stink attacked
quasimodoJun 5, 2020
im really happy about who the 3 people on the pie chart are, this is so beatiful.
FuransuJun 5, 2020
quasimodoJun 5, 2020
kinoJun 5, 2020
quasimodoJun 12, 2020!
i forgot i made this post. i was very sad that the only chance i ever had at like "walking" and getting a diploma was ruined and that my diploma was just mailed to me with a piece of paper with a heartfelt generic message from the president of my college sayign how brave and strong i am to endure these troubling times with a link at the bottom to a video of her basically saying an exact copy of what the generic letter said. i was sad because i didnt walk in high school because i dropped out to [redacted] and got my ged in stead and then after all this college shit im graduating with a gpa that would have gotten me a super sexy gold sash when i got to sit in a chair for a while waiting for my name and then waiting for all the other names like i know some people be like 'graduation sucks its so much waiting' but like man it sucks i just wanted to do it once lol anyways thanks for the memes and thanks to all the people who were making fun of me or wanting specifics and like detailed proof when i posted this.
quasimodoJun 12, 2020
also the fact that 2 people, so technically the majority, said their favorite character was azula scares me. uncle iroh is the correct answer, although there were no incorrect answers, besides azula.
gabyJun 12, 2020
azula should be the only answer
quasimodoJun 15, 2020
͏p͏e͏n͏i͏senlargementpills are all you need for a memorable graduation


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