Pranay personal thread119

cash9mon 3d

Accounts owned by me

mandevian, panthero, Hunt, Hugo, Vial, pranay7744, cash, pranay7744alternate, pranay7744aIternate

Trophies won on my account

Joined this site in Feb'12

1- Silver on pranay7744 in Sep'12 (GAI, B2NS)

2- Gold on mandevian in Nov'12 (Jan2.0, STBS)

3- Silver on cash in Mar'13 (Shoot Pranay, VDLI)

4- Gold on panthero in Mar'13 (DEO, Classic, BV)

Suspended from trophying for a year. Trophied right after being eligible

5- Gold on mandevian in Mar'14 (TSIB, Jan2.0)

Started a job in Jun'14. Got married in Dec'14

6- Gold on pranay7744 in Mar'15 (WWTW, B2NS)

7- Silver on pranay7744 in Apr'15 (SDS, B2NS)

Changed job in Jun'16. EM blocked in Office network. Started playing on phone.

8- Gold on Hunt in Sep'16 (FJ2.0, B2NS)

Became a Dad in Nov'16

9- Bronze on mandevian in Dec'16 (HI, Jan2.0)

10- Silver on panthero in Apr'17 (A&R, Jan2.0, Shoot Pranay)

Left Epicmafia because 2 phones damaged due to playing EM on phone all day

Started working from home due to lockdown. So started playing EM on Laptop again after 4 years

11- silver on panthero in May'20 (Jan2.0, HI)

12- Silver on cash in May'20 (CBA, SDS)

13- Silver on Mandevian in Jul'20 (CBA, B2NS)

14- Gold on Mandevian in Jul'20 (Shoot Pranay)

Round 831- 4th, 832-4th, 833-Silver, 834- Gold, 835- 4th place by a game again. Best run ever. I also made a record of going 20/20 on first 4 days. I comped the setup named after me and trophied on it. Joint record to close a round on 8th day

15- Silver on Hunt in Aug'20 (TSIB) (4th trophy on phone as I had given my laptop to wife)

16- Bronze on panthero in Aug'20 (CBA, Traitor training 3, lolnoobtraitormafialose) (got my laptop back, but played few games on phone)

17- Silver on Hugo in Sep'20 (Joke's On You!) New setup round

18- Gold on panthero in Oct'20 (CBA, HI, BV)

19 Silver on pranay7744aIternate in Nov'20 (Shoot Pranay, B2NS)


Trophies that would have been during suspension

1- mandevian- round 93

2- zkqpgambit- round 101

3- mandevian- round 104

4- panthero- round 105

5- pranay7744- round 106

6- pranay7744- round 108

7- princecashew- round 110

8- panthero- round 111

9- mandevian- round 114

Deleted accounts

pranay77441, Feint, feardeath, Dessicate, princecashew, karna, thecynical, logout, baazigar, zkqpgambit, Sabertooth8, rainman007, Scotch, killswitch, dexter1, Bizarro, Zion, Question, Kill

Forum threads

EM tags for forums, round thread template, memes, screenshots, lynching techniques, how to be good, high level tricks, stupid pranay, not stupid, stupid pranay 2.0, pro gaming, awards, appreciation by my mentor, worst situation come back, troll hierarchy, EM life cycle, zayn testimonial, riddle, treasure hunt, treasure hunt 2, riddle, riddle, riddle, riddle, account sharing, screen burns, haters making pastebin on me, round 834 appreciation, Crypto's guide, exposing Role mods round 834, perks of having hot cousin, epicmafia will - Girls vs Boys

Saved games - learn from edark how to ruin autowin multiple times. Literally admits to ruining autowin play only because I am suggesting it.

Dodge list

Tier 1- Always dodge. No matter what- Yeti, halifax, soluciones, xzachly, jfoe, Arbitrage, Songin, ragefaker, kamari, fatneck, bird, cutebears, flight, stinkyfoot, oceanus, mckay, listo

List of good players

Shady, Michael, Goodfella, Soda, Zippy, Atikur , cody, mdc, Anne, Julia, Jets, waza, betmen, Charley, Interest, SinB, Jeff, Giga, spf, Fro30, validor, Nooby, scholsey.

steveOct 3, 2020
why did i get removed from the dodge list
SquirerOct 3, 2020
sydOct 3, 2020
am i part of etc
pantheroOct 9, 2020
Out of the 312 rounds since the beginning of epicmafia, I have played 40 or more hearts in 72 rounds. 24 of these rounds I was suspended from trophying. Before round 453, you couldn't trophy 2 rounds in a row. So I was eligible for trophying for 53 rounds in 8 years. 22 times in top 4.

In the last 16 rounds, i have been in top 4 in 11 rounds.
HydronOct 9, 2020
you forgot to put me in the list of good players
pantheroOct 9, 2020
I don't know who you are.
HydronOct 9, 2020
you do
ellioticaOct 9, 2020
if u make a new list of good-hearted players can i be in that instead
ScholseyOct 9, 2020
Being place on the good player list is the highlight of my life. Thank you lord, thank you life.
bobert789Oct 9, 2020
Pranay have i outlived that one game where i let michael veg can i come back to the good players list plz
pantheroOct 10, 2020
Pranay have i outlived that one game where i let michael veg can i come back to the good players list plz
Show me some good magic dude. Like others have.
mandevianNov 11, 2020
19th trophy in round 848.

I am going to a different city from 13th to 30th. I will not have my personal laptop. So I will not play until then. Looks like this will be my last trophy.
LinkeNov 11, 2020
LinkeNov 11, 2020
Grats on the final trophy :))
Until the 30th...
mandevianNov 11, 2020
I might not play after that.
zootsuitNov 11, 2020
love u pranay
jetsNov 11, 2020
it is an honor to be in your good graces, my lord.
mandevianNov 11, 2020
It is an honor to have you in my list.
Ngekop73Nov 22, 2020!
what jets said x2


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