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Here are some videos that I find interesting.

GolbolcoJun 3, 2020!

I like Alan Watts' lectures.
GolbolcoJun 3, 2020

I remember seeing this years ago and forgetting its name. I searched "lego grocery store" and found it. This is a classic.
GolbolcoJun 28, 2020

This video is hilarious.
GolbolcoJul 4, 2020

While it's not my favorite video by him, DurhamrockerZ is one of the best YTPers when it comes to King of the Hill.
GolbolcoJul 16, 2020!

Although these videos are clearly having fun, they do invoke some strong emotion in me with the Half-Life lines and sounds. It's weird having such a strong connection with a piece of media.
WesaiJul 29, 2020!
Huh, for those who haven't seen it yet:

Edit: Whoops, totally misunderstood what this thread was about. My bad!


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