hey does anyone here like capybaras170

syd2mon 12d

idk what this thread is anymore im just bored while im jobless and home all day and this has become my blog clearly.

peach7d 1h
i wish i was an octopus so i could marry marina
syd6d 20h
i wish i was an octopus so i could marry marina
love that
syd6d 5h
no one asked but i think today is the first time in a few weeks i woke up feeling positive about how the day will turn out. is this what eating breakfast does
elliots6d 4h
thats good syd! honestly eating breakfast does really improve ur mood, ive got myself yoghurt and biscuits for breakfast and it changes my whole day. i hope u continue to have a good day
elliots6d 4h
oh also give me an opinion please!!
syd6d 4h
oh also give me an opinion please!!
hi doll, i know we didn't start off on the best foot and i'm sorry for that. opinion: i think you're a really kind person and it'd be awesome to get to know you more. you're really mature which is something a lot of people (esp adults on this website) lack and i admire that a lot. from what i've seen you're very strong for what you believe in and you stick up for yourself even if it may be hard. also i think you look absolutely beautiful with a shaven head and i'm jealous. maybe we can become closer and become pals cus i think you're super sweet and i'd love to surround myself with your positive energy. keep being you :D
syd5d 19h
tom nook moved 3 villagers into their homes without consulting me, if marina is not one of them i will choke that ugly raccoon
syd5d 5h
my life is so boring atm that i feel the need to share that im having a bagel and coffee for breakfast, here's to a better day than yesterday

still goes on em tho heh
syd5d 5h
cranston moved in and i think he's so cute so i guess tom nook has good potential of giving me good villagers
syd4d 7h
why did tom crook move in TUTU that big a.ss b.itch


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hey does anyone here like capybaras

capybaras in new jersey

1 signature and the governor of new jersey personally told me that he will make it so i dont need a license to own a capybara
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