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I made lobby wall posts but I think they will get blocked out because of people spamming ACAB so here is some ways you can get involved against cops/police brutality and pro-BLM. Do what you can! Add some other resources down below if you have some. Some people can't protest or riot, but here is some other stuff you can do!

DONATE: <- a resource with MANY different funds you can donate to

There are many funds by the friends and family members of people who have been murdered by the police. here are a few: George Floyd memorial fund: Ahmaud Arbery Fund:

There are bailout funds for protestors in almost every major city as well as a national fund in the link above.

Here is a thread of black owned businesses that were affected by the protests that you can donate to:

SIGN: There are so many petitions you can sign that are for the justice of George Floyd, to promote legislation, etc. if the petition requires you to use a zip code and you live outside the us you can use one of these: 90015, 10001, 75001

Here are some threads of petitions:

CONTACT: contact your local, state & federal government on how you feel about the issue! has a lot of resources on how you can contact your government representatives.

CONTACT THE MINNEAPOLIS POLICE DEPARTMENT. This was not a one-time event, many cops at this department including the one who killed George Floyd have a history of misconduct and brutality. Use this information and format if need be:

EDUCATE: here are some resources to educate yourself and others on what is going on, how to help & how to keep yourself & others safe!

Information as how you can help as a white ally: Google drive full of resources and information on black history and activism: Books on black history & activism, as well as showing the impact of oppression on black people's lives: Resources for black mental health: Thread on why target was targetted: Anti-Racism resources:

Many of you are from outside of the US but you can still help and even educate yourself on racial injustice in your own countries! thread: how can i help from the uk?

Here is a master list of things to educate yourself on & how to help the black lives matter movement:*GY3kdTKBgW-9mLES-DJA8g


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There is literally nothing wrong with being a police officer.
thank u for saying this, my dad is a bobby in midlands , he had to deal with a knife attack : / very scarey...

cheers xox
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what's your problem with me