Penguin Club60

pingu1011mon 10d

You can join the penguin club here! Just say something! If you don't have karma, ask someone to give it to you lol. I'm sorry for being banned, but I will still continue to add people to the club :( Please forgive me. Members so far: rockgirlnikki, pingu101, Cutechloe, Bannanaxd, Riser, Skathi, snorf, SinB, asumi, UlluKaPatha, SamP4Palmer, N0tSuspic0s, roald, matt, nomsterrpengi, Katarine, ickybeetle, Sofree, argonix, FxdBrokenLight, KoreanDude, caitelatte, jackalindyy, Mizzmox, juicejuice, Attax, Towncriers, lacy, Hottest, Nooby, RandomGuy3, banime, CaptainKyan, lemonbread, Crystal12

can i be in the club pls
Katarine1mon 1d
KoreanDude1mon 1d
deleted1mon 1d
The club creator was a banned user so....

Club is dead
caitelatte1mon 1d
please may i be in the penguin club
caitelatte1mon 23h
nice thank you :fufu:
Riser29d 18h
Club will never die. As long as penguins are near.
matt29d 5h
even after death the penguin club still multiplies

long live our penguin overlord pingu101
jacplindyy28d 12h
Mizzmox25d 3h
me me me
juicejuice17d 31m
if there's one girl that's cute in this club i will join.
Attax15d 31m
part of the club!
Towncriers12d 15h
towncriers loves penguins!
lacy12d 15h
i love penguins too
Hottest12d 15h!
banime12d 18m
lemonbread11d 22h
May i join this club
Crystal129d 23h
Can I join the club?
I've created all of the people in this club. I am the GOD PENGUIN.