Snake Mafia: JOAT 9er Thread!450

SamP4Palmer2mon 15d

Alright, this is the moment you've been waiting for! We are going to play some Forum Mafia! The rules are in the discord, and the setup is

6 Blues, 1 JOAT, 1 Nilla, 1 Hooker. The JOAT gets 3 rotation actions, being a doc save, track, and an investigation.

Good luck to all! I will help with vote counts, and will be here to hammer the days / lock the thread. If the votes hammer at one point in time, and I'm not there, please stop talking <3

Also, put your votes in bold. The formatting is [b] Vote [/b] Name any alts you want me to add you on, otherwise, have fun!

Also... there may be a little twist... an extra way to heal the snake's poison ;) (There are some modifiers in the game. I will not tell you how many or what they do. Figure it out yourselves.)


RohiniNJun 5, 2020
RIP pap

Vote Haelnorr
HaelnorrJun 5, 2020
I think yall overreacting and we can just all be friends. If you just listen very carefully to me and do exactly as I tell you we can survive the next two days and win together as town. ;)
epicxdJun 5, 2020
Whats ur point bud im listening.

vote h guy (haelnorr)
SamP4PalmerJun 5, 2020!
Oh yeah uh papuito was a Informed Vanilla Townie! guy uh yeah
SamP4PalmerJun 5, 2020
And since there are 5 people, 4 votes = hammer
CutechloeJun 5, 2020!
Vote: Haelnorr
SamP4Palmer2Jun 5, 2020
Haelnorr has been lynched Day 3! His role was Strongman Snake Hooker! All the threats to the town have been eliminated! The town has won the game!
SamP4Palmer2Jun 5, 2020
SamP4PalmerJun 5, 2020
Everyone can now post! This thread will be locked in 3 days, never to be seen again lmao!
SamP4PalmerJun 5, 2020
Official night logs:

Night 1:
Scooby and Haelnorr killed DarkB
DarkB tracked Scooby
Papuito gained DarkB's information
Papuito gained setup's information
Haelnorr strongmaned the kill
Haelnorr hooked Cutechloe

Night 2:
Haelnorr killed Papuito
Haelnorr hooked Cutechloe


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