Insult Thread!31

Anne7mon 26d

This has been done before but I feel it's needed more right now. Post here for me to post your negative qualities and insult you. Even if I like you, there is always something negative in every person. Quarantine can be really depressing and I think everyone should be more depressed. :(

YozMay 30, 2020
what no way
im perfect
YozMay 30, 2020
lmao sleepytobito obsessing over me and mentioning me everywhere kid u aint worth my time
sleepytobitoMay 30, 2020
i didnt bring you up. it was in the poll already, but you looked for it. And would have had to either recognise my avatar or hover over it and be like "oh wow it's sleepy" is a's a lot
deletedMay 30, 2020
PhoeboMay 30, 2020
Anne pretending she has a life outside EM delivering late insults.
D3xTr0m3th0rph4nMay 31, 2020!
someone p*ss her off, i need my insult
SteelixMega1mon 14d
you are about as original as a cardboard box
bradland0131mon 14d
Bring it.
evo13d 7h
Brad you bad at survivor and anne smells like doo doo
yung13d 7h
roast me pls
yeasayer13d 6h
i selfvoted
Meanest user (you guys are the worst fr and always in the worst drama)