sandbox census4

Destinybby2mon 11d

in 2015 I took a survey from sandboxers, alot of you were trolls

Gonna see if the troll ratio has increased, or leveled out.

Anyway if anyone is interested you can fill it out here, it's totally optional just for fun!

2015's census is located here

nautaMay 29, 2020
you really shouldnt make the roles open ended lol, perhaps a 3 choice option of maf/third/town? then you can get actual data lol. or you could write all the roles...
4thNightFacinorousMay 29, 2020
I for one prefer being able to write in 'Super Cool, Brawny and Brave, Loopy-Doopy, Hip-Fire Deputy'.
DestinybbyMay 29, 2020
i get the funniest responses from people who type
I'm not doing the data for datas sake if you look at last years it was just a fun thing to show.

Someone's favorite role is dogfucker

I love it
quasimodoMay 29, 2020
im quasimodo so...