insult the user above you274

HelloImDenis2mon 17d

the goal is to be funny, not mean or condescending

JamalMarley1mon 6d
A user that lacks a great deal of intelligence.
Entil1mon 6d
is better off playing in main
3eveeLuv1mon 6d
forgetable user ; /
Mizzmox1mon 6d!
i think it's MEAN when those dittos call me an idiot
space1mon 6d
mizzmox? more like

SupBros1mon 6d
probably hasn't ever been to space lmao
Anexx1mon 5d
Seems like the kinda person who likes yellow Gatorade.
3eveeLuv1mon 5d!
Doesn't drink p1ss
Why is your name 3eveeLuv when your avi isnt an Eevee. Kind of insulting to Eevees as a whole. You wear their name, but cant represent them. Shameful.
caitelatte1mon 4d
the cute motivational lizard in your avi isn't even VISIBLE at thumbnail and teeny size, what's the POINT?
Nooby1mon 4d
has been on this site for a very long time
Shwartz991mon 4d
noobier than dooby and oooby
shayneismyname1mon 4d!
𝓹𝓮𝓷𝓲𝓼 probably so long that he trips over it. like haha learn to walk dork.
CaptainKyan1mon 4d
You should change your name to Shame, at least it would make your username rhyme
will this go terribly wrong?