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A lot of people believe that Biden has zero shot against Trump -- I strongly disagree. I make the case below:

Biden is well ahead of Hillary's numbers from 2016

  • Hillary was tied with Trump at this point of the year against Trump. Hillary's lead continued to fall to a tie until May as other GOP
    candidates were dropping out.

    • In the same Fox News poll that found Hillary down 3-4% in May, found that Biden was ahead by 8%
    • Biden's numbers are among the steadiest over time. Hillary's
      numbers were twice as volatile with confidence testing.

Press mentions overwhelmingly skew to Trump

  • I'm a strong believer that press mentions typically lead to negative outcomes for candidates

  • Press mentions of Hillary to Trump were 2:1. Currently Trump to Biden is at 9:1

  • A quieter campaign does better than one that looks like it's on fire from the outside.

Demographic that was "unsure" on Hillary vs Trump is fundamentally different now

  • Trump was up 17% on Hillary in this demographic

  • Polling is showing overwhelming support for Biden from this demographic now

I am confident in a Biden victory.

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TurningPointUSA ads: Dear Liberals, if your side is supposed to be against hate, why do you hate Trump?


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