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Tier list thread HOWEVER not only will you be ranked on the tier list, but you will also receive what I believe to be your biggest strength and your biggest weakness is in mafia games. Hopefully this will help you all improve. Do note that I will be brutally honest about everything but it's only for the sake of helping you improve. All rankings will be based on gold heart games. So if you only play red hearts or forum mafia, don't let that be an indicator about how you play those.

Angel tier: benny

A+: staypositivefriend, Jeff, charley, Tatami, Anne, ManDontCare, mandevian, matt, yeasayer, Flygon, ilario, dust, julia, juke, krista

A-: Yoz, Chicago, Cirno, Clair, Giga13, alexandra, alexa, TheGreatCornholio, SinB, Atikur2, Matt12, apeescaper, Shamzy, Lelouch, Spondee, Ragefakar2, papuito, Songin, LaserVP, KingMihnea, Phoebo, Edark, sevenseas, SHERK, Zippyvinman, achiee, pingu, Rapsican, Validor, MisterPresident

B+: fifthelement, dia, NeverMaf, blacksnakemoan, DarkB, Shmeur, froglegs, emily, Goodfella814, nicoleyrenaa, debaser, PatrykSzczescie, Shootinstarx, Sonrio

B-: SamP4Palmer, Skittlez13, DoctorScumHunt, JM123, moon, Phoenixi, marry, DiSoRiEnTeD, Wolfyinpinkpants, UlluKaPatha, bobert789, blank, Coolkid66, bloopsiedoodle, MoodyGuy, Ash0wns, D3xTr0m3th0rph4n, MrTerryTibbs, elsies, elliotica, aquarius, wink

C+: jimmaster, natu, ivana, NeverJest, TessC, bansheewhat, mssbooklover, toxic1, alive, syd, xPooky

C-: jimmyjimjam, overcat, Moldyches, Murica

D+: CCKing, Linke

D-: Boeser

F: Zovea

X: gift (can't properly critique sorry), moosemannumbers (your name rings a bell but i don't know anything about your play) Alyssa (do not recall playing with you in comp unless you have an alt that I don't know about. peach (I think u played for a little bit but I remember next to nothing about how you played)

mattMay 30, 2020
You don't play very often but you've played enough to where I feel I can critique you. I have said this before but I'll say it again. I think Sandbox players that eventually play comp end up being some of the best ones. There are so many complex layers to Sandbox that are hard for even the best Main lobby players to understand. I feel like you hold your ground pretty well in competitive games. I do think however that you're a bit timid in games and you don't express yourself so much. You kicked in that Resistance game, and I'm sure you could kick in comp mafia games too.
mattMay 30, 2020
You're someone that gives their 110% in every single game they play. However, your biggest strength is just how god damn bright you are. You are a f*cking genius. I will never forget the play you did in Suppa Magical Scales where you forced a no kill and confirmed yourself as maf to clear your other partner that got tracked as town or whatever it was. I absolutely appreciate someone that is capable of pulling off that kind of strategy. I do think that for some reason you overplay your hand and appear a bit too scummy at times. I'm guilty of the same thing though lol.
mattMay 30, 2020
this thread needs 2 b cancel cultured
u r meme. I think you were starting to play really well on ReggieBear at one point but you quickly started not to care lol. Regardless I'd say you peaked at around a B-.
mattMay 30, 2020
First tier list I want to be a part of! Give me insight but back when I was actually playing seriously and competitively. Lost my will lately these past 2 years and rarely ever play seriously anymore, but was thinking of taking it seriously again
If I were rating you today I'd probably give you a D- lol. Cause you ISP every single game and veg nearly half of them. However you asked for a critique on your past. Uhhh I think you were good? You got a gold trophy at one point. I think you made fairly solid reads in the past but you were still slightly apathetic towards pushing them and you were an easy target back then. I'd love to have you come back though lol.
WolfyinpinkpantsMay 30, 2020
papuitoMay 30, 2020
me please
mattMay 30, 2020
I think you can generally get a pretty good grasp on games, but you don't go for the win most of the time. You don't really care about winning or losing, just as long as you have a good time. But you can do some pretty good analysis.
mattMay 30, 2020
Hello, Rate me Sir!
I don't know who this is sorry.
mattMay 30, 2020
gift- we've played before but not enough to where i can critique you for it. sorry.

gimme the goods
I actually think you're a really good townteller, but not just as town. You can play a pretty mean scum game and pull off some great towntelling in that department too. I think you gotta be careful with your tunneling though. Yes tunneling can be effective, but you have to realize that if you're tunneling someone you end up missing key points of the game because you're so focused on the tunnel. I'm guilty of the same thing. Just be careful with it.
mattMay 30, 2020
I think you're blatant town when you're town most of the time, however you tend to be apathetic most of the time and just go with the flow.
mattMay 30, 2020
I envision you as spf jr. Not quite as good, but you do have the same charisma and desire to solve that spf has. You are pretty good with your analyses in games. While I have been duped by you a few times, I still think your scum game needs a bit of work. You're starting to get good at matching your town play to your scum play, but sometimes your pushes as scum can be extremely reachy and you have to work on appearing genuine like you do as town.
mattMay 30, 2020
I think your strength is an obvious one. You are a mechanical genius. You know the ins and outs of pretty much every setup. You know what's optimal, what isn't optimal. You are very smart in that regard. However, when it comes to convincing a town that you're town, as either alignment you struggle with this at times.
mattMay 30, 2020
i'm better than you
I think over the years, you've shown that you're a well rounded player. Good at towntelling, good at scumhunting. A decent addition to each table. However win or lose you just seem to play for the sake of playing.
mattMay 30, 2020
You have good town play and towntell quite well, however your scum game is abysmal. You need to treat your partners as if they're other villagers in the town. As if you don't know they're mafia. Sometimes you make really stupid unnecessary busses that end up being quite obvious too.
mattMay 30, 2020
You really do collect some pretty good reads as town. I feel as if you have a pretty good intuition. You know when something just isn't quite right, even if everyone else believes it's just fine. However I think you're just too much of a spaz sometimes and people tend to not take you seriously even though they should. You're definitely a very good player though.
mattMay 30, 2020
I don't think you give your 100 every single game. You'll have 1 good game followed by like 4 bad ones. I don't think you're a bad player. Just never been impressed by you. I feel like if you want to, you can be blatant town, but you're held back by sounding quite forced as scum. Definitely not bad enough for F tier though or even D tier. Just have some work to do.
mattMay 30, 2020
can i be first s tier
Next to maybe pranay, you are probably the best manipulator on this website. Your manipulation is quite subtle sir. Sometimes I don't even realize I'm being manipulated until 10 seconds left on the clock and then at that point it's too late. You have that in your favor that not a whole lot of other people do. However I think you're a bit held back because you slank in games sometimes, but not enough to where you'd be out of the higher part of the A- tier.
mattMay 30, 2020
i shall do the rest later .
mattMay 30, 2020
Oh damn I want to be ranked on this one !
Oh i skipped this mans my b. I think you get really good reads but you present yourself in a scummy way to where no one takes you seriously and sometimes you even get lynched for it. Work on not being so lynchbait-y and you could easily move up.
LinxeMay 30, 2020


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