best bending art46

cute2mon 13d

i mean its definitely water but i'm interested in hearing ur opinions

AlyssaMay 27, 2020
How does fire suffocate u?
KilliaMay 27, 2020
Uncle Iroh taught me teabending is the best art
coolkidrox123May 27, 2020
How does fire suffocate u?
fire consumes oxygen as a source of fuel so itll eat up the oxygen in the room which means you will not have any for yourself.
cuteMay 27, 2020
the creators are more involved this time around!!!!!
the original press release emphasized wanting to be culturally appropriate.
oh thank god i don't think i could handle another white katara and sokka
spaceMay 27, 2020
How does fire suffocate u?
oxygen deprivation/toxic air from smoke
neruMay 27, 2020
is rasengan viable in avatar
best bending art