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  • And much, much more!

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shoukoMay 26, 2020
is it still dead :(
Shwartz99May 26, 2020
Shwartz99May 26, 2020
join in the next 5 minutes and youll receive a complimentary role that signifies that you're cool!
Shwartz99May 27, 2020
The Mercenary Den is recommended by the Sandbox Mercenary Organization! Join today!
Shwartz99May 29, 2020
Typical sandbox player only here to troll, antagonize, and harass other players because they're jealous dead-end job losers who'll never come even close to the cash some people make as their secondary income hobby. Watch out
USAMay 29, 2020

Try remaking the thread without people know it's dead right off the bat. That way, people won't know it's dead until they join and with that you have more people join and maybe it won't be dead. Idk if it'd make a difference but thought i'd share.
caitelatteMay 29, 2020!
it's nice in there, shwartz gave me a nice colour :fufu:

@USA if we post enough it'll go to second page and shouko's comment won't be visible :fufu:
Shwartz99May 29, 2020
if more people join it wont be dead :D no use in getting people to join who immediately leave because they didnt know the server isnt currently that active
Shwartz99May 31, 2020
ACAB in the Mercenary Den
deletedMay 31, 2020
Very nice server, nice blend of interesting personalities. It's everything you want in an EM server. If you spam @everyone pings 50 times, eventually someone responds so it's not that dead (don't do that though, or if you do - don't say I encouraged you too). All in all great server. <3
Shwartz99May 31, 2020
Thanks for the positive review, deleted but never forgotten user!
LeEpicHJun 1, 2020
🏴‍☠️ no
Shwartz99Jun 2, 2020
The Mercenary Den contains low sodium, 0g trans fat, and no artificial flavors or preservatives!
Shwartz99Jun 4, 2020
Nothing clever to say today. BUMP
Shwartz99Jun 6, 2020
Mods get paid in the Mercenary Den!
caitelatteJun 7, 2020
now with bonus cat photos!
Shwartz99Jun 11, 2020
The Mercenary Den is one of the oldest EM-related Discord servers! Join today!
caitelorpJun 14, 2020
MizzmoxJun 16, 2020
b a h m p
Shwartz99Jun 18, 2020
(´◕ω◕)⊃━☆☆゚.*・。゚doopty doop the mercenary den has turned to goop!