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Epicmafia Has An Obvious Security Increase , Unlike Other Mafia Sites Epicmafia Is Known For Banning New Users , Mostly For The Idea That They Are The Dark Lord Himself ABC


Epicmafia Is Obviously Like This Due To ABC , The Ex-User Who Now Causes Grief For All On Epicmafia .

Mod Team

It Is Clear That One Of The Mod Teams Biggest Objectives Is Too Scumhunt For ABC , I Feel As If This Is Due To Charleys Personal Hatred To Him (Which Is Understandable) , From What I Can Tell It Seems Like ABC Threatened Charleys Children Which Is Understandably And Clearly One Of The Reasons Why Charley Makes Him Not Winning a Trophy A Main Objective For The Site. As Weve Seen Security Bump Up In The Recent Years Weve Seen The Playerbase Drop Due To New Players Being Banned For Apparently Being ABC , This Is Not The Mod Teams Fault But Rather The Fault Of The Objectives They Are Set.


I Feel As If This Rampant Wave Of Constant Scumhunting/Banning New Players Is Hurting The Playerbase , As A Affected User Of This Increased Security I Can Safely Say That This Is Overkill . I Undestand The Reasons Completely And ABC Should Still Be Scumhunted For But Not How He Is Today.

kidneybeansMay 26, 2020
They Say No Tolerance Yet Alex Is Saying It lmao
ah, the classic "if you're allowed to say the word for technical purposes i should be allowed to insult people with it!"
the point is people get vios for saying it for technical purposes
alexandraMay 26, 2020
your complaint was answered.


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