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deleted2mon 16d

What are some of your all time favorite tech or coding tools/frameworks/platforms to work with or within?

Personally I would run my whole life from Jupyter notebooks if I could.

LunaKittyMay 23, 2020
neruMay 23, 2020
joqizaMay 23, 2020
I'm also fond of jupyter notebooks (:
rigbyMay 23, 2020
does ren'py count as python because is but it feels so dumbed down but i like it cuz its so unbelievably easy. for reference ive never used python outside of ren'py so
honeyMay 23, 2020
i started playing with resumes on overleaf in LaTeX .. never used jupyter but it seems to cover that and more so i will chk it out

i used when i was re-learning html/css/js this year & i like it better than when i was using dreamweaver in uni and is fun to play w

im learning sql right now but have only used SQLite :~)
sl0ndermanMay 23, 2020
i fell in love with Visual Studio Code the first day I used it. Especially as a student it was really nice to have a setting that can switch between languages but I know a few professionals that swear by it.

and the best programming language is AutoHotkey because it lets me cheat in Runescape
tigermomMay 23, 2020
love the green bug in the poll x who is he
Favorite programming language?