leafing permanently.21

nauta2mon 23d

as some of you know i have spent a fair amount of time on this website, and, after seeing the state of events of our sandbox community, there are some things i want to get off my chest. i think that i have been here for a long enough time to say this; and i have gotten to know you all very well. i think that it's time.

so, i'm leafing permanently. and do you want to know why? do you really want to know why? because it seems that members of this community simply do not have the level of botany education i deem sufficient. thus, i have created a program to boost both the morale and the knowledge of epicmafia users like you in an effort to improve our community. please see the posts below.

bornxlivedxdiedMay 23, 2020
if i were a drag queen my drag name would be Angie O'Sperm