ISP inconsistency21

In this thread I show two ISP reports that I think were handled incorrectly. I appealed both. I list reasons given by mods for the verdicts. I showed both together but was told they were done correctly.

I know there can be some inconsistency when mods do reports because it's subjective, but these weren't even close.

The verdicts won't get changed. Making this thread because I don't understand why mods did this.

I'm expecting negative reactions for making a thread, feel free to attack.

Report 1 -

Verdict - note Correct verdict - ISP vio

Irreverent was mafia. Total day phase time he was alive: 2 days / 8:37 minutes

Reasons for verdict:

  • Not severe enough
  • Days were short
  • Player was present
  • No current ISP vios

Arguments for correct verdict:

  • He had only 13 lines and none were game related lines in a comp game
  • He was asked 3 times directly by clears to participate
  • D2 was short because he allowed a bw on him by town, by not unvoting
  • When asked for reads he replied saying he doesn't read, which is him saying he doesn't participate
  • He has a history of ISP, he has had 82 reports on him in the last 56 months, many of which were ISP and at one point he had ISP 3rd
  • His username means "showing a lack of respect for people or things that are generally taken seriously", this aligns with his attitude towards the game

Report 2

Verdict - ISP vio Correct verdict - No vio / note

Elonmost was town. Total day phase time he was alive

Reasons for verdict:

  • Didn't attempt to gamesolve
  • Didn't do anything at all
  • Spoke in gimmicks from D2
  • Has an active ISP vio

Arguments for correct verdict:

  • He fakeclaimed d1, which almost prevented a maf pr cc
  • He claimed his role when asked
  • He ATEd the gunned person
  • He outted a fos on mafaia, through gimmick

Although he used a gimmick, the gimmick wasn't difficult to infer. Also, the ISP doesn't say that using gimmicks gets you a vio. It says gimmicks does not count as sufficient participation. If you take away the gimmick lines, Elonmost has a sufficient level of play when compared to current standards.

Both reports were done incorrectly. When you compare them it's even worse.

This isn't a complaint. Move it back.


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