who is abc26

roald1mon 21d

what did he do? i tried searching for him and all i could find was deleted accounts, banned users, and p- links. pls help im bored

are these people abc?:



Skathi1mon 20d!
To answer this question seriously, abc is a banned user on the site. He has been banned for (partial list), inappropriate behaviour with minors, doxxing, threats against users, hacking, game throwing, racial slurs, spamming etc.

If you find an account that is spamming racial slurs, it's a fair assumption that it's him.

It goes without saying, but always be careful what information you out to other users, be careful clicking on links from people you don't trust. If possible use a VPN, don't install any unofficial EM extensions, and if anyone is behaving inappropriately towards you, contact a mod.
PatrykSzczescie1mon 19d
He's a player who's been on this site since the beginning or at least longer than I am (>5.5 years). He calls himself the best player to ever grace this site. Honestly, he's usually that good. When he intends to win the game, he simply does it. He has greater knowledge at mechanics than I am, and I am considered to have the best knowledge among common Main Lobby players.

He's like Clyde Alexander Shelton - even though he's banned, he's still actively causing trouble for this site. When his demand is ignored or not fulfilled, he tries to prove you'll regret it, even putting your family at stake. He claims he's fighting the corrupt system of this site without refraining from offensive words and ways.

Once he was unbanned, he seemed to be alright for a few days as a normal player. Then he started finding loopholes to bypass rules, first showing that it's a flaw and asking mods to change it then abusing it showing the real effect of it. He had throwing accounts for the real purpose of throwing, not like current bad players. As I see you play G&H the most, the example is you're GS and gun abc claiming gunned trying to rs - he will instantly shoot you saying it's your fault for cc'ing gunned, then tries to push on townies. Then he was actually breaking community rules throwing the blame onto mods that they don't change the site into something more righterous.

He's egocentric but also really smart. He bypasses ban on other accounts, whether they're old or new, sometimes with avis of animals, people or items, not anime (I can't remember any, at least). He tries to achieve his intent, whether it's trolling or winning trophies, sometimes through cheating. It might take several of months then he brags with a forum thread showing how mods were bad that they didn't catch him winning trophies.
PatrykSzczescie1mon 19d
When mods recognize him and he's not successful in achieving what he meant to do, he publishes some random pоrn or other offensive thing in a place community may notice - setup comments, profile or as lobby background.

He's the reason of increased security on this site. Mods suspect all unknown players as potential abc. If you're one of them and winning a trophy, you won't get this one until you prove you're not abc. You need to play 10 complete unranked games in Main Lobby before you can play ranked because abc used to mass produce trolling accounts which strongly influenced ranked games, making them unplayable for some time. Also, logging restrictions and other things were implemented that hindered new players and new accounts from starting on this site.

And nowadays, you can notice him spamming 2p games on lobby. He's also posting slurs in game summaries as he realized those cannot be deleted. So as you see, if he notices a flaw, he won't resist.
bansheewhat1mon 19d!
KOALA CRINGE but I appreciate it.
Koala1mon 19d
Shut Up U probs Look Like Ki Adi Mundi
Eedis1mon 19d
ABC is a legend.