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Welcome to DarkB's Dungeon!

Many players will enter. Only one will win. Players will compete in games 1 on 1 or with up to 5 other people.

An example of a game:

There are 3 boxes. One has food. Pick one!

Whoever doesn't pick the food will die. If both players pick the food, one randomly lives- i mean wins!

I will tell you where to send your answers if it is a game dependent on who picks what. If I don't specify you can just leave them in the thread or on Discord.

Players can submit their names just by commenting on this thread or joining the discord.


This is the best way to submit your responses, but you can also type them here if you don't have discord!

Prize? An exclusive role on discord! yeah idk why you were expecting tokens lmao.

CutechloeJun 15, 2020
ERNurseJun 15, 2020
luis4rodJun 15, 2020
twinfawnJun 15, 2020
luis4rodJun 19, 2020
did we all die
DarkBJun 20, 2020
no u live. Ill do a sudden death round bc inactive af LOL
sIeeplessJun 20, 2020
darkb died
DarkBJun 20, 2020
luis4rodJun 25, 2020
did we die
luis4rodJul 2, 2020
luis4rodJul 9, 2020
did we outlive Dark B in his own dungeon
DarkBJul 10, 2020
aGirlNeighbor wins, im sorry i was so inactive. I play on redoing this with 1 life if i see more interest!


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