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kauzu12mon 23d

> I was told to make a forum post with some of these. I'm doing this for > lols not genuinely complaining (mostly) and since there are a lot > of dumb roles I'll keep it mainly to those I see actually show up in > games.

Resurrectionist: "The person I bring back has a 75% chance of being my friend and a 25% chance of being someone actually useful who is already done with town's stupidity for lynching them."

Judge: "Fear me! For I have the power and strength of two blues in one!

Prosecutor: "I'm an evil judge with the power of two nilla maf."

Jailkeep: "I'm literally just a nurse who is going to prevent you from getting that key/report/carol tomorrow that would clear the person being lynched" ////// "I'm going to keymaker you by force and you're going to like it"

King: There's a 50% chance of me lynching myself while gallis testing and after learning my role I turn this into a single player game.

Avenger: "I'm basically a trapper who's more likely to kill a town than the actual person who killed my target"

Demolistionist: "I'm surgeon but with a higher chance of not actually doing anything."

Don: "Have you ever wanted to be a Governor that can't help their own alignment?"

Justice: "I accept your help but will mislynch you anyway because you're probably mistletoe"

Mistletoe: "Even though I'm just a better alien, no one will remove aliens from their setups."

Cupid: "Did you ever want to be lover but depend on two other people not to screw up instead of just one?"

Alien: "I was one probe away from winning but since last maf was lynched I guess the games over? Screw me right?"

Warlock: "If I was a lyncher I would have won twice by now but last maf was lynched before I could"

Gingerbread Man: "I'm basically a Siren with hackz enabled"

Clockmaker: "Killer 360 now with unkillable 9 o clock action! (We're still trying to patch out the 3 o clock ring of death)"

Blinder: "I am mainly useful in games that prove that town would rather do whatever than communicate with other town members"

Filibuster: "All the fun of a gallis but they're trying to kill you and you need to convince the noavi to stop no lynching"

Clown: "Okay, so imagine a role that should just be a killer but it's maf sided, doesn't know it's maf sided, and the maf don't know who it is. Now imagine your partner just got killed by it and it just got itself lynched thinking it was fool. This is the existence of the Clown.

Diabolist: "What 3 way? I already won."

Whistleblower: "What 2v3/3v4? We already won."

Polar Bear: "Okay. So I pick someone, and nothing happens. Now the next night I pick someone else, now the fun begins. 1. My targets need to visit one or the other so better hope they're visiting roles. 2. Hope my partners contacted me and I didnt hit one n1. and 3. Hope my partners didn't kill either of my targets. TL;DR, I'll be lucky to get one kill all game"

Rainmaker: "What lylo? We already won"

Medusa: "Diet Arsonist, now with 50% less kills"

Godfather: "I'm an actually decent role that coder's were too lazy to keep including in reporting roles so I basically became obsolete"

IceBearMay 18, 2020
Diabolist description is wrong cus you cannot self-diab so if you're in a 3 way, good luck with that cc and hope the other guy get voted.

As for clown, maf knows who is clown cus clown is not on the kill list. It's just the same way you check for maf partner pre-2017 or something.

Demolitionist is incredibly OP and useful. Not sure what's going on here when you say demo doesn't do anything. Mafia literally cannot win if demo is alive for 3 days and they demo 3 town.

Whistleblower is incredibly useful cus it allows a mafia to out themselves (i.e. shooting a gun or contact 3rd) without fear of getting lynched but no one really use that function.
kauzu1May 18, 2020
The point of this was mostly as a joke icebear. Sorry if I dissapointed.
USAMay 18, 2020
Do one for bride!
LeChuckMay 18, 2020
polar bear is pretty strong too if they survive long enough. If you polarize yourself then any polarized player lynching you will die too
LeEpicHMay 18, 2020
add one for santa aka psychic+gunsmith+blacksmith+cutler+snowman+better enchantress+better baker
IceBearMay 18, 2020
I take jokes very seriously kauzu1.
phosMay 18, 2020
update prosecutor to include that it's op
PtrolMay 19, 2020
Monkey: haha you got roleblocked GOTTEM... now I feel bad i'm gonna do your action for you don't worry