lemonparty692mon 23d

without intending anything you've made me betrayed

a cruise liner that i told you about, not knowing it's a trojan horse

and i float back on a raft with a string that's been cut and retied

i'd love to sink it and you can enjoy the view with me closer to the sea's surface

this close to the sea i could call on a kraken easier than you

or i could slip into the deep dark

i like the feeling of that deep dark

i should just cut the string loose

if you feel guilt, follow it through

because i'll just grow to resent you

always doing things of my own volition

i can't mesh with you

i won't mesh with you

thanks for all the fish

and that's another hard candy to drop in my collection

lemonparty69May 18, 2020
just a little something someone told me
deletedMay 18, 2020
thanks for the thread
lemonparty69May 18, 2020
it's not for you
deletedMay 18, 2020
that's ok i'll have it anyway
lemonparty69May 18, 2020
i may be a good poet but not every poem is for you
deletedMay 18, 2020!
art is an extension of the artist, and by that metric, while 'artistic quality' is a meaningless construct, one could argue that art produced by people who lack character is worthless
lemonparty69May 18, 2020
god shut up
deletedMay 18, 2020
god shut up
i'm not sure why i'm supposed to show more consideration for your feelings than you do me?

anyway, you've inspired me to potentially make a poetry thread, but i'm not sure there's enough interest to really justify its own thread. do you mind if i just use yours instead?
lemonparty69May 18, 2020
it's nonfiction it's not even poetry