Lucid, fix the unranked game limit.7

Cirno15d 2h

I have an account that has already played many ranked games, unable to play due to not having 10 unranked games. I play 10 7-minute unranked games, and yet my account may not join a ranked game. I don't even know why you thought it should be necessary to play unranked for over an hour on a new alt, but please make sure that it works at least.

To start playing ranked games, you have to play 10 unranked games in Main Lobby, which last at least 5 minutes, don't end on N1 and no participant vegs or commits suicide even when kick-lynched.

I guess some of your games didn't meet those conditions.
Hibiki14d 21h!
it used to be 5 games in any lobby. i had the same problem with one of my alts. use an alt and play this setup, faster game means the timer ends at the 5 min mark
Cirno10d 14h
Mmmhahaha too bad it will never be fixed check out my new thread to see why
The 5 minute game length doesn't include pre game lol
This isn't a new bug.
Cirno4d 3h
This isn't a new bug.

donate to his patreon and maybe he'll listen