LeEpicH2mon 26d

EpicCraft is gonna be the best minecraft java server with em players. it will be a vanilla minecraft server with some plugins. it will be based on hermitcraft. there are a couple rules for the server:

  • dont pvp unless both players agree, same goes for griefing and taking items, but small pranks are allowed
  • dont use hacks or xray texture packs
  • no slurs
  • you have to have a non-banned em account
  • have fun

ok so dm me for a discord link and on the discord will be the ip adress for the server UPDATE: here is the discord link- no need to dm me anymore-epiccraft members are allowed but no mentioning that awful server- https://discord.gg/Kg7CMQM

PikachUwUMay 14, 2020
EpicCraft already exists aha
LeEpicHMay 14, 2020
wait really
rigbyMay 14, 2020
what version of minecragy (bedrock, java, etc)
Shwartz99May 14, 2020
rigbyMay 14, 2020
I know what i said
LeEpicHMay 15, 2020
LeEpicHMay 15, 2020
btw my dms are open, i will give you the discord link
LeEpicHMay 15, 2020
the server is almost ready :o
LeEpicHMay 18, 2020
its online before epicminers HAHA
USAMay 18, 2020
Tbh, if you guys are actually looking to play Minecraft with the Sandbox community, EpicCraft is the way to go.

(This is not a paid promotion)
EpicSidesMay 31, 2020
Le Epic Minecraft Server Cancelled.
Feel free to take over ;)
LeEpicHMay 31, 2020
:O yes i will mr. leepicgoogledocs
LeEpicH1mon 16d
DkKoba1mon 16d
did u update it to 1.16
LeEpicH1mon 16d
not yet
LeEpicH1mon 15d
now it is
LeEpicH1mon 7d
pls play im lonely
Kenma1mon 7d
can i join
Stupido1mon 7d
i will play
LeEpicH1mon 7d
can i join