jmusic thread89

rigby4mon 22d

thread for japanese music of any genre ^__^ for our local weeb community<3

anyone can contribute, feel free to post songs u like and/or discuss anything related to japanese music culture

for anyone wanting to post songs from youtube, you can embed directly by putting [youtube] tags around the gibberish code at the end of the url. for example, [youtube]duPJqfKiA78[/youtube]

you can also post a link but i think its sexier and cooler to embed personally

fair warning: personally i will be posting a lot of vocaloid and utaite but feel free to post things that Arent that

CaptainKyanJul 16, 2020!
hm can't seem to edit or delete the last one so I'll just make a new one
hikineetJul 21, 2020
hikineetJul 23, 2020
rewind time
hikineetJul 23, 2020

almost forgot
rigbyJul 23, 2020
my icon material :P

rigbyJul 25, 2020!
CaptainKyanJul 25, 2020
rigbyJul 26, 2020
we are kankan nation
hikineet1mon 29d
hikineet1mon 22d
hikineet1mon 5d
sammy1mon 5d
my tastes r basic

rigby1mon 5d
this goes so f*cking hard holy shit
phos1mon 1d
rigby1mon 19h
hikineet26d 14h
hikineet26d 14h
in the list in my music player i have a kaito v3 cover of meltdown but the youtube upload of it is just fuсking gone off the face of the earth
hikineet26d 14h
hikineet22d 9h

the composition's kinda meh but everything else is good as hell
calpis20d 20h
, waste post so thread won't glitch


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