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rigby8mon 17d

thread for japanese music of any genre ^__^ for our local weeb community<3

anyone can contribute, feel free to post songs u like and/or discuss anything related to japanese music culture

for anyone wanting to post songs from youtube, you can embed directly by putting [youtube] tags around the gibberish code at the end of the url. for example, [youtube]duPJqfKiA78[/youtube]

you can also post a link but i think its sexier and cooler to embed personally

fair warning: personally i will be posting a lot of vocaloid and utaite but feel free to post things that Arent that

phosMay 13, 2020
nepentheMay 14, 2020
of course fura would listen to a band called toe
phosMay 14, 2020
phosMay 14, 2020
FuransuMay 15, 2020
of course fura would listen to a band called toe
strangles you to

I actually like Nestic (Awakening) from Sadesper Record but the album art got a naked lady on the cover :P
kaworuMay 15, 2020
this isn't japanese sorry

phosMay 17, 2020
rigbyMay 23, 2020
neruMay 23, 2020
neruMay 24, 2020
himaMay 24, 2020

this song goes off and so does the show. u 1000% need to watch it if u havent seen it already. i was gonna sing this in the foreign language segment of sounds of sandbox but then i got bored and stopped LMAO
neruMay 27, 2020

i'm so fuсking sick of seeing these stupid cringe аss eels but this is nice
rigbyMay 27, 2020
hikineetMay 30, 2020
rigbyMay 30, 2020
AssociateMay 30, 2020
viewJun 3, 2020
ChinatsuJun 4, 2020

My heart squeals whenever the main singer stares into the video camera
viewJun 6, 2020

twink bіtch
rigbyJun 8, 2020


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