jmusic thread96

rigby5mon 24d

thread for japanese music of any genre ^__^ for our local weeb community<3

anyone can contribute, feel free to post songs u like and/or discuss anything related to japanese music culture

for anyone wanting to post songs from youtube, you can embed directly by putting [youtube] tags around the gibberish code at the end of the url. for example, [youtube]duPJqfKiA78[/youtube]

you can also post a link but i think its sexier and cooler to embed personally

fair warning: personally i will be posting a lot of vocaloid and utaite but feel free to post things that Arent that

rigbyMay 7, 2020

music make you lose control
kaworuMay 7, 2020
watch penguindrum

maxMay 7, 2020

IceBearMay 7, 2020
himaMay 7, 2020

this song goes tf OFF... i first heard this on kinos ebicmafia dot corn profile and then i stole it from her bc i just be like that. anyway its a great song!
himaMay 7, 2020

this song makes me transcend.... i absolutely adore the sound and how quiet yet complex it is.. ugh!

(the english title is distant sun which i think is SO pretty as well.. im boutta cry)
kinoMay 7, 2020
i have some good music to post, however, if i post it, then that means i'm not the only weeb who knows about it.. and i lose my ebic weeb pro+ status
kaworuMay 7, 2020!

also the comments on this video mention a galolio utena AU and I think that's genius
nepentheMay 7, 2020!
is it time for me to be an insufferable hipster? i think it is

(despite their name, this is not actually a meme band, but a fantastic indie rock band that makes great music)

(speaking of strange band names, this is one of the wackiest i've ever seen, and definitely the least googleable, but also very cool)

(they sing in english but it's a japanese band, and they are one of the most iconic noise rock bands of all time, so they deserve to be posted here)
maxMay 7, 2020

fun doom/noise rock

i forgot about love live for 3 years now i really love it again i remember these being my favorites
kaworuMay 7, 2020
snow halation goes HARD
rigbyMay 7, 2020

also the comments on this video mention a galolio utena AU and I think that's genius
phosMay 7, 2020
hot take but snow halation isn't that amazing. datte aa mujou on the other hand.......
shaiiMay 7, 2020
this thread made me instantly forget every japanese song i’ve ever heard
rigbyMay 8, 2020
phosMay 8, 2020

weird quality on upload but i love this cover a lot
rigbyMay 10, 2020
phosMay 13, 2020
kankan's cover has a contender
LimegreenMay 13, 2020!

Hoshino Gen's Koi
FuransuMay 13, 2020

math rock? anyone order math rock?


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