jmusic thread89

rigby4mon 13d

thread for japanese music of any genre ^__^ for our local weeb community<3

anyone can contribute, feel free to post songs u like and/or discuss anything related to japanese music culture

for anyone wanting to post songs from youtube, you can embed directly by putting [youtube] tags around the gibberish code at the end of the url. for example, [youtube]duPJqfKiA78[/youtube]

you can also post a link but i think its sexier and cooler to embed personally

fair warning: personally i will be posting a lot of vocaloid and utaite but feel free to post things that Arent that

calpis12d 12h

somehow i got sucked into the parasocial sou collective i'm watching id:invaded and i had this thought like "my buddy chum pal sou's (he did the opening theme) anime is different from what i expected" but then i remember that that is not in fact the reality of this singer i enjoy. literally wtf was that i'm not even like wackoo crazy over him i just like his voice like any other vocaloid cover artist+new original artist these days
calpis10d 20h
calpis9d 11h
what the hell is this tuning
calpis8d 22h
calpis5d 15h

THE TUNING!!!!!!!!!!!!
calpis4d 18h
this blew my tіts clean off first time i heard it

one of my favorite covers EVER!!! this person tunes very well.

oh, another cover that i consider better than the original!
calpis20h 42m


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