kpop thread22

kaworu4mon 26d

thread to share kpop music or any non-english language music because I've admittedly been listening to a lot of kpop and I'm bored in quarantine

not a place for personality cults or fancams pls 🙏

kaworuMay 7, 2020
going to start with dreamcatcher bc I love almost all their songs:

wonderland - dreamcatcher
and there was no one left - dreamcatcher
jazz bar - dreamcatcher
kaworuMay 7, 2020!
other songs I've been listening to lately:

any song - zico
dazzle dazzle - weki meki
day & night - loona
how do you think - CHEEZE
friday - IU
DKDK -fromis_9
jotaroooMay 7, 2020
bol4 ft baekhyun's new song Leo is so cute 🥺 plus lately im addicted with hwasa's Don't !!!! so good ahh
phosMay 7, 2020!
vixx - memory
vixx - after dark
nct127 - another world
nu'est - big deal
taeyeon - i'm ok
xia - musical in life
b.a.p - goodbye
exo - been through
super junior m - after a minute
super junior m - stand up
exo-m - moonlight
m&d - silhouette
baekhyun - my love
shinee - an encore
exo - gravity
ryeowook - the little prince
leo - hal mal
phosMay 7, 2020
some high tier songs
phosMay 7, 2020
f(x) - ending page
phosMay 7, 2020
rigbyMay 7, 2020
i dont listen to kpop but this inspired me to make a new thread for jmusic (vocaloid and utaite and whatever else) and i am now asking for your permission to make a jmusic sister thread to this one. *on one knee*
kaworuMay 7, 2020!
please do rigby, I have offerings for you
kaworuMay 17, 2020
kaworuMay 17, 2020
kaworuMay 17, 2020
DrynMay 17, 2020
@coolkidrox123 ur time to shine
kaworuMay 17, 2020
coolkid will recommend vixx
deletedMay 17, 2020
hi me like kpop
coolkidrox123May 19, 2020
you do know this doesnt ping me ??!!?!?!?
coolkidrox123May 19, 2020
yeah vixx ftw lmfao. ravi can rap to me during sex and itd get me off.

but latley im also into twice but not all of their songs.

like fancy
so special

miss a hush is a bop

so is hyuna bubble pop .

cn blue was my fav during 2012 their songs are great to jam to.
coolkidrox123May 19, 2020
big bang: like almost literally any of their songs.
any song that gd has written,

doom da da by top

crayon by gd
gugudanMay 19, 2020
OmaMay 20, 2020
stream punch nct 127