kaworu8mon 20d

link picrews you like and make yourself with them

I'll start: https://picrew.me/image_maker/321535

KikkoteXMay 6, 2020
all of these are so cute. I have a feeling kikko hit the randomize button but took the time to post it anyway so congrats to you, too
KaptainGoatzMay 6, 2020
how do I post images lol
KaptainGoatzMay 6, 2020
kaworuMay 6, 2020
does this work?
it works and it's very cute
NimauMay 19, 2020
thanksabillionMay 19, 2020!
aGirlNeighborMay 19, 2020
shaiiJun 4, 2020
can we bring this back

link 2 that one is https://picrew.me/image_maker/364109
embrinJun 4, 2020
Gonna pull a KaptainGoatz so here it is:


(Wish I actually looked this cute irl lmao + the hair is wrong but I can’t really change my hair irl soooo this is as close as I want it to actually be)
spaceJun 5, 2020!

i could within reason copy this look almost in its entirety
bouquetJun 13, 2020
I just want to shed my 3d form and become the best 2d version of myself.

rigbyNov 13, 2020
my good friend thought this was a terrible description of picrew and i disagreed so he told me to see what epicmafia thinks. well?