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blacksnakemoan8mon 22d

At the moment, the featured setups are meant to host two setups that aren't currently active in the Competition, and aren't commonly played outside of it.

The problem is that it gets a bit tiring seeing the same old setups every round in the competition, so I'm trying to change things up a bit.

I want to specifically allocate one slot to new setups only. From now on, while the person who comes fourth in Competition gets to choose one setup, the second featured setup will be one made within the past two years, and chosen from community submissions. I'll put every setup submitted into a queue, and swap a new one in every three days at heart reset. As long as your setup is close enough to the rules below, it will make it into the featured list.

This thread will remain stickied for you to comment your setups. It will also be monitored by myself and other mods to +K your setups to they can be played and tested in red hearts.

The overall goal is to find some new setups from the community that will be popular enough to make it to Competitive mode.

If you're unsure about making setups but still want to participate, please feel free to post your favourite roles in the thread too. This way others can see what roles people are interested in playing, and can use them accordingly.

The only rules about the setup eligibility will be that they must loosely fit the Competitive criteria as found here:

I won't ask that suggestions follow the win ratio and point requirements, but if it's an obvious point farm I'll say no.

I'm sure most of you know about featured setups, but for those who don't, they're the setups that pay out double points in ranked games. They're listed on the Lobby Wall just below the Discord link, and to the right of the comments where our community likes to have civil debates on completely normal topics.

ShmeurJun 27, 2020
he said lol natstar confirmed
bansheewhatJul 5, 2020
I made a bunch: - TT3 inspired (n1 Vigilante roulette); might look cliche/bad/weird but it feels right once you play it - innovative imo (daystart setups are hard to brainstorm haha); Phoebo's "Virgin gets it all" inspired - GnH Deluxe (gerry's) + Red Carpet Shenanigans (gardeningmama's); both are like 60-65% mafia win rate so i combined the pr's to try to balance it - Detective setup (might be too townsided; charley please don't blacklist it's not pointfarm)
bansheewhatJul 20, 2020
I made two mort setups recently: - Chandler/ Forger alignment only reveal setup - Reverse Investigative no reveal setup
bansheewhatJul 22, 2020
Just in: this generic garbage that I came up with that can be played in comp:

It's literally just FJ2 with BG instead of Sheriff, but due to that the setup dynamic has shifted from mass claim day 1 (which is like cba except harder because there are two roles in risk of being janned instead of just one) to politics as usual where you vote in the cc's (in this case cop instead of tracker) on day 1 and use reports from there on.

I think someone might have came up with this already but none that I can see with a modplus upvote. Please upvote.
What's a role you wish you saw more in competitive? (If it's not on the list, write it in the thread below!)