Mod upvote pls?22

meiyue5mon 28d

Hi mods could you upvote this setup

ty :)

gayMay 2, 2020
bansheewhatMay 22, 2020
bansheewhatMay 24, 2020
upvote this setup please guns and hookers with a twist; the Bang the Bride is townsided, this one is hopefully more balanced:
bansheewhatMay 25, 2020
MODS UPVOTE THIS PLS (im making this a thread of setups I created):
bansheewhatMay 30, 2020
bansheewhatMay 30, 2020
bansheewhatJun 1, 2020
bansheewhatJun 2, 2020!
Hell yeah! TSIB/ A&R without Sheriff nor guns? Say no more! (upvote please ty)
bansheewhatJun 4, 2020!
I replaced Doctor with Bodyguard (please upvote mods ily):
bansheewhatJun 4, 2020
Upvote this one too ty mods:
bansheewhatJun 4, 2020
Hey ily mods now upvote this Guns and Hookers Expanded so I can start playing it in ranked and get it in comp.
bansheewhatJun 6, 2020
Mods ups this one; the previous one(s) were too townsided
bansheewhatJun 6, 2020
bansheewhatJun 7, 2020!
bansheewhatJun 8, 2020
I was experimenting on making a 7p setup that is a Classic Variant (so far the EM trinity, in my estimation, is the Classic, G&H, and Evil man must die) but I accidentally created this one lol. Ups it please; ty mods.
bansheewhatJun 8, 2020
bansheewhatJun 11, 2020
Mods please upvote this scumhunt setup.
bansheewhatJun 14, 2020
bansheewhatJun 16, 2020
Pretty neat concept on the same level as coming up with something like Coco's back in 2009

No offense intended to those who are a fan of Coco's but thinks my setup is garbage.
bansheewhatJun 18, 2020