✨ Silk Road Roleplay [Discord]1

Koala3mon 14d

https://discord.gg/GZYZnt2 https://epicmafia.com/topic/94800

An adventure-fuelled fantasy...Have I caught your attention? Great, then you're gonna love what I've got in store for you.

Set in 1200s Samarkand, is this unique roleplay on Discord, where you can be whatever you want. Vampire? Shapeshifter? Hell, maybe even an elf?? You name it, you can be it.

The Silk Road Roleplay is currently searching high and low for new active users right now! So, if you enjoy fighting off swarms of Mongols or earning virtual currency with your epic roleplaying skills, then go ahead and click the link below!


KoalaApr 30, 2020
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